training update!

Well folks, it is "dangerously hot in Ontario", just starting a heat wave of 3 days of temps above 32C (more like 42-44 with the humidity here in Toronto!) and here I am taking two hot classes a day. And wow, are they HOT!!

But on another, more cheerful note, I am loving every minute. (Of the training, not the heat!)
(heads up, this post will be brief and photoless- the internet connection right now is less than ideal!)

The days are definitely intense. I wake up at 5:30, leave for the subway by 6 (having laid out everything the night before including meals), and get to the studio around 6:30. This is our average day, lasting from 6:45 am until 7:15pm:

15 minute meditation
90 minute asana
1 hour break
1 hour (or so) lecture
1 hour break
1 hour lecture
60 minute asana
3 hour lecture

I know it is only day four but I cannot believe how interesting I am finding everything! Nothing at all like college, where you had to struggle through the boring material. Our teachers have been awesome with more awesomeness to come- and they are all so amazing and engaging. It almost seems surreal, being able to spend the whole month focusing on YOGA!

Practicing twice a day is definitely challenging, especially factoring in this brutal heat we are having. This morning's class was hot death!

Well, that's all for now! Ideally I'd be heading to bed now (9pm) but I have to brush up on the series before our first day of practice teaching tomorrow! Should be exciting... and nerve wracking!

♥ Callah