Step II.

Some pics of new accessories for my new (old) room.

This is a Vietnamese silk lantern purchased in Hoi An, Vietnam. An amazing bargain!

My cherry blossom wall decals.

Old frames- I'm looking for new pics to update them.

My newly pink (Big Tease- Debbie Travis) wall and curtains: Ikea.

My cherry blossom bedside lamp and funky alarm clock. I haven't figured out how to make it work... it's more for show. Both: Ikea.

The light.

My jewellery tree and wine-glass earring holder which I came up with.

The jewellery tree: Urban Outfitters. Jewellery: Mostly random markets in Asia.

Wine glass: Ikea. Earrings: Australia (Diva), some handmade, others: various.

A few more to come... and soon, the final outcome! (Once I've cleared out all the old junk!)

♥ Callah

Ellis Island & ANTM

I ♥ America's Next Top Model.

Last week, they did a photo shoot with old school photography equipment and film, to replicate a fashionable shot of immigrants arriving on New York's Ellis Island. Defo click the ANTM shots for better viewing.


New. Tahlia, the girl causing all the controversy.


New. Teyona- still can't make my mind up about her!


New. Natalie. Kind of a bitch but a half decent model- sometimes.

Can't wait for this weeks episode!

♥ Callah

Love it.

Too funny. Watching Two and a Half Men the other day and the totally random Word of the Day I used in this post , schadenfreude, was used! Love it.

♥ Callah

Whitney Eve

Ok. So as previously stated I love Whitney Port and The City. However, sadly I do not love her new fashion line, Whitney Eve, and the Spring 2009 collection.

Now, this one could actually be really cool, perhaps more so in a different fabric. Love the kimono-obi style.
UNTIL you see the front of it. Loose style, ok, but this is like a box?
Umm. What? And, they probably cost a fortune.
Not separate, and defo not together!!
This could have so much potential if it weren't for the fabric!!

Please Whitney... better fabric choices!!!
♥ Callah


Step I


This is only coat #1- i still have to wait a few more hours before the second. And, I'm so proud, I did this all by my lonesome! (maybe you can tell lol- so what!) My Japanese Cherry Blossom theme is coming together!
P.S. The paint looks much better then this- these are crappy phone pics. More to come...

AND- I just discovered there are cherry blossoms in Brooklyn- and it will be Sakura (blooming of the Cherry Blossoms) when I'm in NYC! OMG I am beyond excited. It just made my day.

♥ Callah


New York, New York

In preparation for my trip to NYC next month, here are some photos I took a few years back on my 21st birthday weekend.

Can't wait to take a whole bunch more... in nicer weather for that matter.

♥ Callah



♥ Callah


I love Chuck.

I secretly (ok, not so secret anymore!) love Chuck on Gossip Girl.
I found this fashion shoot starring Ed Westwick on the Cosmo website. Yum.

And Chuck wouldn't be Chuck (or Ed Westwick, for that matter) if he didn't make his opinions known- cute little comments on what he likes about each look.

♥ Callah



Just discovered Etsy.com. I'm sure people have known about it forever but I'm just getting back into the loop.

Love this Cherry Blossom necklace. Maybe not so much with that shirt...
You may have guessed from previous posts I have a love affair with Cherry Blossoms. I MUST go to Japan. One day...

LOVE this fabric choker. Can also be worn as a headband. Made from Kimono fabrics...

There is SO much more. Only beginning to explore it!

♥ Callah


iPhone pics

Just spent the afternoon in Toronto driving my sisters "kids" (she's pretty much their nanny right now) to lessons in the city.

wicked changerooms at even better store- urban outfitters. Bought a kickass jewellery tree for when i redec my room!

CN Tower! Such a tourist

Mik testing out my iPhone app while I try to concentrate on driving

More app testing...

♥ Callah


Welcoming Spring with my new scarf

So back in August, when I was road-tripping down the west coast of Australia, I learned how to knit to keep myself busy. I started an epic 6-yarn-ball, 10 foot long scarf, which I mailed home half-finished when I went to Asia. So, today's the day... 8 months later it is DONE!

Too bad today marks the official end of winter! Maybe I can get away with it once or twice while waiting for the spring thaw.

p.s. There was no way to avoid my chin while photographing the scarf!

♥ Callah


...and Cherry Blossom Girl blog

and I also came across a cool blog by The Cherry Blossom Girl. She's got awesome style.

♥ Callah

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tatt

While looking for inspiration to redecorate my bedroom, I randomly stumbled across this blog.

I think this tattoo is so gorgeous. I love tattoos, and I love Japanese Cherry Blossoms. The technique on this is brilliant- what a talented artist!!


♥ Callah


The City

I LOVE The City. Sadly tonight was the season finale.

I'm so excited to go to NYC next month... that song will definitely be on my iPod as we enter the city!!!

♥ Callah


New 'hat'

Just showing off my new aquisition. What would the correct term for this be? My sister called it a beret but I'm not really in agreeance.

♥ Callah


I want!

As previously mentioned, I love Gwen Stefani and her perfumes (well, most of them!)

Just saw an ad for this perfume coffret:

LOVE IT! It's solid versions all of 5 fragrances. I wish I had had one of those while traveling!

Too bad the SDM ad made little sense. Coffret is French for 'collection' yet they called it a Coffret Set. Hmm...

I also love the Harajuku Lovers website. The "Jukubox" plays Gwen and her handbags are so cute!!!

♥ Callah


Rideau Canal

I heart Ottawa. Especially in the winter with all the skaters on the Rideau!

Of course I don't actually SKATE but it was nice to stroll around and see all the touristy booths. Beavertails popular as ever. Seriously considering a move to Ottawa! Even for just a few months. There's always something going on there.

♥ Callah


Australian City Installations

Sorry for the delay in postings. Family events, and a weekend trip to Ottawa make me a very busy person! AND, my wireless isn't working so I'm stuck using my mom's DESKTOP (gasp).

So.. without any furthur adieu.. some snaps of installations in Australia. Mainly Melbourne but I've throw one in from Hobart as well.

Melbourne is the coolest city- art installations scattered throughout the city. This is just a tiny selection! A true place for lovers of art and coffee! So I was sorted. Too bad photos weren't allowed in the galleries :(

My personal fave are the 80's ladies- its just wire and coloured acrylic (? I know next to nothing!) plastic panels for the clothing.

♥ Callah