What She Wore - 07.27.09

After months (sadly I am not exaggerating) of searching, I finally found a high-waisted skirt that WORKS! I broke it out for the Bachelorette finale party (this comment deleted cause apparently not everyone has seen it, :-s) along with my new American Apparel sash. Perfect combo! (blurriness due to mirror: sorry!)

Skirt: Joe Fresh, Sash: American Apparel, Necklace: Diva (Australia), Tank: Garage.

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Twenties Girl

Seeing as I strongly dislike the shopaholic series (I mean, seriously, just STOP SHOPPING), I wasn't sure if I would like Sophie Kinsella's new book, Twenties Girl. However, seeing as it was a totally different kind of story (not to mention my sister brought it home on the day it was released) I figured I'd give it a go.
Twenties Girl is actually a ghost story. Lara's life sucks (not to go into too much detail like the book cover!) and after her great-aunt Sadie dies, she starts seeing her ghost- as she was in the twenties. This was actually an excellent read, I couldn't put it down because it kept you guessing the whole time. (Also probably something to do with procrastinating some history reading!) While it does have a love story plot line, it's really not the main focus. It's also cool hearing all the descriptions about the twenties.
Verdict: Definite recommendation.
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Benefit Reviews!

So recently Kait and I had both accumulated tons of Optimum points and splurged at Shoppers. I got:
*2x Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliners
and all this benefit stuff...
*"Get Even" face powder (shade 02)
*Silky-Finish Lipstick: Jing a Ling
*Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow: Gossip
*Posie Tint
*Bad Gal (Blue) Mascara
*... and some SPF for good measure.

The verdict:
Rimmel eyeliner, LOVE. The turquoise shade rocks but the purple is a bit light. Maybe on a blonde?
Face Powder: this one's actually a big negatory. In the store the shade looked fine, but in real life it makes me look kind of washed out. (I'm more olive, but this seems to work better for warm tones... kind of a big waste of money!!)
Lipstick: amazing. I'm kind of over gloss now, rendering my huge collection obsolete... including all the pinks. This is nice and soft, without overdoing it, and goes on great.
Posie Tint: FAB. Great as a blusher, nice rosy cheeks without being too in your face!
Eyeshadow: Love. Powders always settle but this really lasts, and you can layer for a stronger colour. (Beware: i've got an older one and it does dry up and do on less smoothly!)
Mascara: Another love. The big brush really does seem to do the trick and it doesn't get all over my lids (like Rimmel). Tried the plum in store, and bought the blue, but on my dark lashes its hard to really tell. Stick with black.
Lol and SPF! Love Hawaiian Tropic... smells sooo delish!
All in all, only one big miss. Love free stuff!!!
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Rebloggedfrom /photographed by Paish

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cottage time.

Tomorrows the day. I have two song lyrics running through my head on repeat:
"I gotta feeling... that tonight's gonna be a good good night"
and a modified version (a la my facebook status)
"Let's get it poppin'... I'm in Port Severn, bitch!"
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MTV Live

If you read this before 11pm... watch today's MTV Live. Paish and I saw The Most Serene Republic perform tonight... potentially some camera time! (watch carefully during the intro!)
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I just found out I'm in Miami Trick is a clean version. I feel shattered. Like when I found out the BEP song was not originally "Let's Get it Started". (Which, coincidentally, I prefer.)
There is a lack of vids on youtube thanks to about 8 million versions of this song. For the life of me, I cannot find the clean version for download (let alone the Toronto version!) So, here is a funny vid to watch.. quite humourous really.

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Awesome photog

On my tour through Cambodia, I met a fellow traveler who loves photography. He takes amazing shots, so I thought I'd share his links with you so you can check them out. There are a few diff pages, all worth a click through.

360cities (cool panoramic interactive shots)
On Photozo
PBase Galleries

Here are a few group shots Neil took at Angkor Wat. I'm the one hidden in the back in a yellow tee.
This temple was used in the first Tomb Raider movie. Twisty roots look familiar?

All photographs by Neil Parris.

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Off the wall

Read about a cool art installation.
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, two brothers have set up a living space above the ground, where they spend 12-14 hours a day. Their one concession is going through the window into the art gallery they are hanging off of to us the facilities. Cool!

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Made for me

So, turns out there was jewelery made for me (or my blogging alter-ego, anyways.)
The calla cut diamond!

Yes please.
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Kitty Purry

Lol, I read the Cosmo cover story with Katy Perry and was reminded of the hilarious fact that she has named her cat "Kitty Purry". I enjoy this and wish my name was cat-nameable.
I tried to vote for her cat as "Best Celebrity Pet" for the Teen Choice awards... alas I am too old. "You are not allowed to vote". Ouch.

KITTY PURRY, THE CAT'S MEOW!!! from Katy Perry on Vimeo.

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cottage excitement.

It's coming! I'm so excited, I've been looking forward to this for months. Too bad I no longer look like the photo lol. (Well worked-out and long hair!)
Oh well, it's nearly HERE!

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The Cellist of Sarajevo

So, after reading LA Candy I needed something a bit more serious to balance it out!
The plot: taking place during the Bosnian genocide, the novel is set in Sarajevo. It follows four characters: A cellist, who plays at the point of impact where a mortar killed 22 people waiting for bread, for 22 days, a sniper, who is assigned to protect the cellist, and two other civilian characters experiencing the trials of living in a city under seige.

Verdict: recommended. In combination with my current essay (on the Rwandan genocide) this book makes me realize why countries such as our own get involved in peacekeeping missions. The characters really grab you, and draw you into the experience. It isn't too long either, so while it's not light material, it once again is a quick read, which is always a good thing. Good writing.

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10 things I hate about this idea...

Ok, I don't really have a list of 10 things. BUT, I think it looks absolutely terrible. Clearly the only things in common between the original cast and the new cast is hair colour (and the Dad, of course!). Why are they messing with something that was perfection? The only way to go is DOWNHILL.

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in case you haven't seen it..

Cobra Starship f.Leighton Meester - Good Girls Gone Bad

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LA Candy

I've read a crapload of books lately so I've decided to start reviewing some of them on here.

First up... LA Candy by Lauren Conrad! Yes it's true. I will point out my sister bought it, not me! lol.

The basic plot is that two young girls move to LA, but they AREN'T looking to make it big. They randomly get approached about being in a reality show, based on their lives. It focuses on the perks and disadvantages of being a relaity TV star, and of course their relationships, both with "cute guys" and each other. There are some devious co-stars making things difficult for the two main characters.

So, it's the first in a 3-part series of "teen fiction". (which has never stopped me... Harry Potter or Twilight anyone?) The bad thing about this is that the book just cuts off at the end- no closure, it'll just pick up exactly - like the sentence after- where it left off in the next book. Kind of like a two-part episode... with a much longer wait time!

But onto the story itself. Lauren isn't actually a bad writer, although her descriptions of every single character's outfit in every scene probably aren't necessary to the plot. It's actually quite interested to find out the reality of "reality", since this plot is suspiciously close to Lauren's actual life story. It's also kind of fun to guess which real-life personality the characters might be modeled after.

The verdict: Only pick this up if you plan on reading all three books in the series. It's a perfect summer read, very quick & easy to get through. If you've ever wondered about what The Hills stars lives are really like, this is a great insiders view.

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Underground Catwalk

Heard about an "underground catwalk" fashion show taking place on the U-Bahn during Berlin fashion week.

Not exactly my preferred style of clothes but I love the idea. Reminds me a bit of the buskers on the subway in NYC... saw quite a variety of performances while riding the train!
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Helvetica for the fans

I was clicking through a website when I discovered this poster.
A google led me to this website. I think some readers will enjoy.
(p.s. check out the film clips)
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Time to vent...

So, this is the part where my readers learn a bit more about me...! (in a personal kinda way lol)
I asked my family doctor to refer me to the surgeon who did my sister's breast reduction... I get a call this morning saying I can't even get a consultation with him unless I agree to pay $2100 out of pocket for "elective" liposuction around the area in conjunction with a reduction. Does anyone know how something can be considered "elective" when you're forced into it? And yes, you read that right... he has never seen me.
Now I'm likely going to have to go with an unknown surgeon who might not be as good. Cause I sure as hell can't afford that kind of money!!
Rant over.
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when I thought my body couldn't fall apart more...

did you know such a thing exists as eye strain?
It's true. From working your eyes extra hard. So, while my blog is much more in blogged this month... my eyes have been a-straining.
"Eyestrain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use, such as driving a car for extended periods, reading or working at the computer. "
Umm... how do you rest your eyes while doing three courses... ONLINE no less.

Happy Canada Day!
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