made these at work the other day.

yes, they ARE strung up with dental floss!

♥ Callah


figured it out...

the fence

dock 16


duck crossing

bicycles and boats
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so, after I got my holga and bunch of 120 film, i excitedly set outside to snap my very first pic... and then didn't touch it for a month. knowing how expensive it is to develop kind of put me off. (film wasn't too bad seeing as i got super cheap asian stuff). So, last week I finally pulled it back out and set off to the waterfront in Burlington.

find the whole set on Flickr (unless someone can tell me how to blog the pics without creating one entry at a time?)

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25th bday dinner

topics of conversation included:
-going to Harry Potter world next month
-making paper snowflakes at work

How old did I turn again?!

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best birthday email ever

thanks Paish!

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