Elton John and Lady Gaga in matching glittery bling glasses at the Grammies.

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a beginners' guide to Haute Couture

No idea how to imbed this file, but here's a video from Paris Fashion week.

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I love spending the entire night downloading anti-virus software and running scans. (Where's that SarcMark when you need it?!)
Finally got the virus off though.
I need a Mac :(
May as well update, today is day 11 of the 30 day challenge. It's going great, actually!
(My cousins took this when I was teaching them yoga at Christmas! Concentrating hard..!)
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Your thoughts, please.

I've just bought a bunch of amazing frames (and plan to buy some more, going nuts) to adorn my soon-to-be-made over bedroom.
Question: Is it lame to have travel pictures of yourself (like, with no one else) in your own room?
Comments please!
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Not-so Winter Wonderland

I was quite ambitious with the exercise today (2x 60 minute hot yoga classes, and my lovely 40m walk), but these lovely snaps show just why I finally had to get outside!

(I think the artist got cut off from writing "ME", which was in the smaller version barely visible above)

The yoga challenge is going well, on day 7 now. I banked the extra class while I'm feeling good, in case work interferes later!)

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I don't recognize that blue colour outside my window...
The sun is shining! Oh glorious day. I can't even recall the last time I saw blue sky, and the trees actually casting shadows.
I think I shall go for a walk to enjoy the balmy, 2C weather.
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Watching an early 90s Spanish telecourse is made much easier with a latte and chocolate covered espresso beans (which, incidentally, melt in the packet when resting on the laptop).

The terrible clothing and hair does make it interesting, though!
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Normally I am the most sarcastic person in the world, but in this moment I can't think of a witty remark with which to use this:
Oddly enough it allowed me to paste into gmail, but I had to save the image file here.
Anyways, what the heck am I talking about? New punctuation for a "bargain" $1.99, thats what. The SarcMark for those who can't grasp sarcasm. Best said here.

It's not like my sarcasm is often detectable in conversation, using this while typing seems like cheating!

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Have you ever...

Shazamed a song every time you heard it? My record is 3... finally downloaded it. (Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5)

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And the winner is...

Black & White Damask!

Made the most sense, especially since it was the only one actually in-stock. Now I just have to decide if I love the black chandelier more than a ceiling fan. So gorgeous! I'm going for a boudoir feel, I hope. Also found a cool chalkboard decal shaped like a vintage gothic mirror. Pics when it's up on the wall. Excited to get this going, we'll see when I can actually twist my dad's arm into helping me wallpaper and move big furniture!

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Vote, friends!

I'm taking back the big bedroom since it looks like I'll be home for a while longer. I'm going to jazz it up with some wallpaper (on one focal wall), and found these cool designs at Lowes Wallpaper Studio.
What's your vote, friends? Use the poll over here <---------- and vote by THIS AFTERNOON!! Info: walls are a sky-ish blue, but always changeable. Furniture is Ikea Oak, not ideal but a pain in the butt to change, so I'm dealing. Picture frames are black and silver. See some accessories (all not too important) here. I also have sheer plum curtain and sheer dark teal curtains available.






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designer vino

Celebs slapping their name on wine should be no surprise, but it was cool to see French wine by Christian Audigier at the duty free in London.

Picked myself up a bottle of Merlot, and my sister went for the Cab Sauv. (The £52 is for the Champagne, the wine was a bargain £14.99!) It will be my reward once the 30-day yoga challenge is complete. What better way to reward yourself by getting shitfaced.
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I'm giving the Google Chrome browser a try. I tried Safari, thought it was a bit slow actually so gave it the axe. I'm a dedicated Firefox user, so getting used to Chrome is a bit odd... especially with the bookmarks all the way across the screen! It is quite fast though, and loads of cool themes.

On another note... my tongue feels too big for my mouth, I don't know what to do with it. Eating is sore, chewing is out of the question right now! I have to "exercise" it by moving it side to side (I'm serious) so it doesn't reattach. I hope you all enjoy my play-by-play, I can't really think of much else right now haha!!
Scrambled eggs and yogurt, anyone?
And... one month til I land on the fair shores of Victoria!!
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Cool find

One of my few purchases in the UK was some Urban Decay cosmetics. I've been after the eyeshadow primer potion (which is AMAZING, makeup normally slides right off my face!), and found an awesome bargain including a few different minis- which are all amazing.
Anyways, perusing the Urban Decay website, I discovered this Alice in Wonderland limited edition kit.

Too cool!
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my horoscope

Which is hilarious when you connect it to the post below: "You may know when to hold your tongue over the next few days".

Eating ice cream right now... pralines aren't helping. Can I just say, OUCH!!
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Tripping over my tongue

Just had my long awaited frenectomy. I'm still VERY frozen and I kind of wish it would stay that way! He had to use the cauterizing laser thanks to a vein, which means it'll hurt more later. Boo! Here's hoping ice-cream cone eating is no longer painful!

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New Necklace

Had to have this when I saw it at Forever 21. Opens into a locket- perhaps a picture of my cat inside?

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A new love!

Well, no luck on the job but I'm not crushed like I thought I would be! I'm actually quite proud of myself for getting so far, as it's a pretty tough process. Oh well!

Anyways, totally fell in love with London/ England. I actually think it's my fave city I've ever been to. I'm realizing I not just need to live in a city, but a foreign city! It's where I'm happiest. I'm thinking I will definitely get a working visa at some point and head over there for a year or two. Now, the question is, can I wait 16 more months for my sisters wedding! I am maid of honour after all!

Anyways, didn't actually do too much else in London. I feel like I spent forever just traveling by train/tube! Getting delayed 5 hours on the way home wasn't too fun either. I did get to Greenwich to stand on the Prime Meridian and confirm the iPhone clock is very accurate, and check out the National Maritime Museum (with a Kiwi guy I asked to take my pic, and proceeded to chat with around the museum for 1/2 hour), and the Queen's house, which is an art gallery. On Wednesday I headed up to Lincoln to visit a guy I met whilst in Fiji. Lincoln has an amazing, nearly 1000 year old Cathedral- the gothic architecture was stunning. Also briefly saw a castle, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the night partying student-style.

Thursday was all travel again, thanks to delays. Enjoyed 241 Cocktails during happy hour- yum! Was also introduced to a hilarious British show called the In-Betweeners, hard to describe but it's about guys in high school (actually filmed at my friend's little brothers high school), very vulgar and crude but SO funny.

On another note- my stupidity, despite instructions, caused me to break my hair straightener so I splurged on a GHD today. Considering the last one was 5 years old before I broke it, I have high hopes for my (dual voltage!) GHD. I've used them on my hair both long and short, so I know it's an awesome investment. Yay!

For pics, friends head on over to facebook. Too many good ones to choose a few to post here. Loved the new Rebel XSi- served me well!

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Quick London Update

So, forgot the card readers etc so pics will have to wait... Friday isn't so far anyways. Can't believe I'm pretty much half done the trip, thanks to the 26+ hour delay cutting off pretty well a day and a half.
Things I've done thus far:
-got on the wrong train first thing out of the airport (successfully corrected myself though!)
-Tower of London
-Tate Modern
-National Gallery- amazingly huge and beautiful huge gallery with tons of big name pieces ,Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, Rousseau (sp?), etc
-Seen Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye (didn't ride it- its so slow it looks like it isn't moving!), Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace... etc etc
-Successfully gotten to the 2nd interview (tomorrow)... despite shaking like a leaf doing my Charlemagne presentation!

Lots of sightseeing and tube riding, haven't done too many things involving fees. Thinking about heading to Greenwich tomorrow to learn about, and straddle the Prime Meridian and hopefully a few more museums/ galleries! Paish & Vero, you'd LOVE all the free art galleries here (if you haven't been before?)

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Perfect excuse?

Apparently Cleopatra's make-up was good for you. It may have fought off eye infections, but it took a month to make!
Hmmm... with this haircut, possible Halloween costume next year? via
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Sweet Valley makeover

This seems to be old news, but it happened when I was away. Apparently the Sweet Valley High books got a fashion makeover. Apparently outfits consisting of tuxedo shirts and matching pants, and long velvet skirts paired with an old-fashioned blouse with "lots of ruffles and tucks," and a fake rose pinned over one ear aren't fashionable anymore. And those perfect size-6 figures aren't so perfect... they are size 4 now. Too hilarious.
Reblogged from a Cat of Impossible Colour archives. (I'm bored).
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Thanks to storms in the UK, my flight is delayed... wait for it... SEVENTEEN hours. Brutal. Screws up things on so many levels, including Friday night reunion and cheap train fare to the city from the airport... I'm going to have to camp out for hours until the trains run when I get there in the middle of the night, because a cab will cost literally hundreds of dollars.
GURR. And this cold does NOT help. Bad mood.



Apparently I'm not smart enough to take a jacuzzi bath.
(It's usable, although not completely finished, i.e. no shower curtains) I thought I'd give it a whirl before heading to London tomorrow. Poured in a couple capfuls of bubble bath- same thing I've been doing since I was a kid.
After about one minute, I had to call my mom into the bathroom to turn off the jets- the switch is on the wall. The bubbles were foaming madly and ready to pour over the side. It was like a movie... a bad one! The hilarity was photographed but I'm not sure if bubble bath pic is too "scandalous"!

Going to be MIA for the next week, I'll see if it's possible to post a few photos while I'm experiencing the UK's worst cold snap in 30 years. Seriously. I thought it was going to be WARM (i.e. 0C)!
P.S. I'm totally visiting Platform 9 3/4.
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Sherlock Holmes

I just saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday with my sister. I absolutely loved it!

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (whom I'm normally not a huge fan of) played the pair of Holmes and Watson perfectly. Everything was fantastic, from the late 19th century London set (complete with partially constructed Tower Bridge), the costumes, and the score.
Rachel McAdams was fantastic as well, it was nice to see her as a criminal vs. her usual roles. I think the best part was psyching me up for my London trip. I hope they continue with this series!

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10 Lies of a Dental Hygienist

1. I’m not the brutal one
2. Relax. You won’t even know I’m here
3. Some patients fall asleep in my chair
4. This new flavor of fluoride tastes much better
5. I’ll have you out of here in no time
6. I’m not obsessive compulsive!
7. Flossing gets easier with practice
8. If it hurts, hold up your left hand and I’ll stop
9. That wasn’t so bad was it?
10. I haven’t lost a patient yet

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a - age: 24
b - bed size: queen
c - chore you hate: sweeping
d - dog’s name: hahaha - Kaitlyn said it perfectly.
e - essential start your day item: an extra 5 minutes sleep
f - favorite colors: (dark) pink
g - gold or silver: silver, white gold. yellow gold is hideous!
h - height: 5'5
i - instruments you play: guitar hero
j - job title: dental hygienist, student..
k - kids: negatory.
l - living arrangements: 'rents
m - mother’s name: Michelle
n - nicknames: J, Shoon, sho-dawg (to one person lol), Shaw-go (terrible!)
o - overnight hospital stay other than birth: nope
p - pet peeve: people who drag their feet, people who walk slow,
q - quote from a movie: apparently I don't memorize movie quotes. Or, even though I hate the movie, it's very true... "Can you bring me my chapstick?... my lips hurt real bad!" lol terrible.
r - right or left handed: right.
s - siblings: one of each, both older
t - time you wake up: as late as possible.
u - underwear: lacy
v - vegetable you dislike: raw onions
w - workout style: hot yoga, gym (but not lately, need to vary it up it a bit!)
x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth, knee, somewhere around my chest after a car accident. MRIs don't count do they? (knee)
y - yesterday’s best moment: my grandpa's dinner. Coleslaw and stuffing... yummm
z - zoo favorite: snow leopard

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Vintage Gaga

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I found this video about Origami as an art form (and science too, apparently) on moleskinerie.
Reminded my of my recent gift from Paish, a stack of incredibly small origami paper. Result: super tiny paper cranes. My cat attempt was utter failure... think I need to practice on bigger paper first!

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New year... same resolutions

I don't really make "new years resolutions" per se. I like to think I'm always striving towards bettering myself, in whatever ways.
So, I'll share my general (NOT New Years!) resolutions:
-Move. Anywhere. We'll see if the Euro thing pans out. If not... Ottawa? Victoria?
-I'm doing a 30-day yoga challenge starting January 16. Yoga. Every day. 30 days.
-On that note... start varying up the workouts a bit... (after the challenge of course!)
-Learn how to ride a bike. I told myself I would last summer... oops.
-Remember to take my vitamins!
-Stop using drive-thrus. Waste of gas, pollutes the air, and whatever I'm buying certainly means I should get off my ass to go get it.
-give up my grudges. Waste of energy!
-Make a painting. Even if it's terrible. (Paish, wanna help?)

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