you've probably seen this on FB already.
If you can't tell, that's my right ribcage, few inches below my armpit. Ouchies- although not as bad as I was expecting. I think my laser hair removal yesterday was worse!

Definition: Om is a very simple chant with a complex meaning. Often chanted three times at the start and finish of a yoga session, om is the whole universe coalesed into a single sound and represents the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga. When chanted, the sound of om is actually three syllables - a, u, and m.
Pronunciation: aaaaauuuuummmmm

P.S. remember my new dress? The untying straps came in perfect for a tattoo session.

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i'm a star!

One of my friend's sisters, who goes to Sheridan for journalism, interviewed me for her article. I feel like a star lol... yay for college newspapers!!

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niagara falls!

Is it lame to have identical entries on both of my blogs? Oh well, it applies to both! And seriously, I'm on a blogging roll.

Last week, I headed up to Niagara to bring one of my good friends from my YTT to see the beauty before she headed home to Singapore. We first stopped at Frogpond Farms, the only certified organic winery in Ontario. After a tasting and loading up on wine, we took a stroll on the short path around the vineyard.

grapes! so many, basking in the sunlight.

loved the cute little farmhouse.

I don't know what these are. 

We found sheep! This lovely guy (or gal?) came right up to the fence to visit us.

Action shot! I was laughing too much to get a decent photo.

This is one of my fave photos I took that day.

It was so amazing to introduce the falls to someone who has never seen them before. It's a rare opportunity!

I made her keep her eyes on the ground until we rounded the corner to view the Horseshoe Falls (i.e., the Canadian falls) in their full splendor. This is where my half marathon will be ending next month!

pure beauty.

We did the "Journey Behind the Falls". We are only 9m above the water level here, getting sprayed by the mist.

Double rainbow! What does it mean?!? I really hope you've seen the video- click the link if you haven't!

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what she wore- sister's closet edition

Two posts- and outfit posts, no less- in one weekend?! I'm on a roll!

Going out tonight for a goodbye shindig at the Devil's Martini in Toronto. Sometimes it's awesome having a sister who likes dressing up. Score!

Dress: no clue
Belt: H&M
Shoes : Kenneth Cole Reaction

Went bridesmaid dress shopping today... it was so exciting, I actually zipped into most of the dresses this time! Thanks, yoga and running!

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what she wore- sister's bday dinner edition

So, a loooong time ago I blogged about this covet. Finally, it actually went on SALE! Woot.

Also, I got a haircut (finally... it happens about 2x yearly!) Of course she cut off more than I wanted but what can you do? (besides not get your hair cut again for another 6 months?)

I'm incapable in smiling for mirror selfies, sorry!

Dress: american apparel
leggings: mossimo  target
heels: payless
lipstick: gaga by MAC

good news... breast reduction in 7 weeks! yay!!

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from the archives

Tonight I backed away from the internet in order to clean my room a bit before a friend stays over tomorrow night.
I found a box full of stuff from high school, including these gems.

I was campaign manager for Paish's run for... ? Student rep or something. Back in the day, she was known as "Kadi". (That's right, the specific D sound, not a T!).
This is pure brilliance. If only we had kept one of the real posters, designed like the mac and cheese boxes.

Note the copyright. Don't steal this amazing design! Also note the incredible likeness. The blue hair is just so natural.

And, for Anne-Marie! This image graced the cover of our "NASA" brochures. The New Annie-Shawna Alliance, that is. Our very own political party in Civics, circa 2000-01.

Can you believe I thought I was fat then? (Well, probably, it was high school). If only I knew what I'd look like by grade 12 after working at A&W!

Posting these were so worth breaking my internet hiatus about 1 hour into it.

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back to school..

I don't think I can ever stop.

Chipping away at the degree... online course starts next week! I think I like stressing and overworking myself.
Also, I really think it's time to re-watch Billy Madison. I saw the film set in Oshawa when they taped it at the mansion in town!

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I absolutely have to reblog this series of photos which I spotted on Splendora.

Check out "The Beauty in the Abandoned" series of photos by photographer Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés for more breathtaking shots of the desert overtaking abandoned houses in the Namib desert. Stunning.

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