I'm alive.

Post-10k, I'm feeling kinda sore but I'm alive. More than can be said for the multiple people my sister said she saw on stretchers, wheelchairs and wrapped in thermal blankets on the side of the road. I might not classify it as a run (i dramatically told Stephanie to "go on without me") since I walked more than half, but whatever. Lesson learned, your body will still take you 10k but a lot slower than you'd hoped when you don't train properly!

We made a pact to do the half-marathon next year. So, no excuses to slack on the running anymore!!
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I am running my 10k this Saturday in Ottawa. If I don't blog about my successful completion shortly thereafter, I have died.

♥ Callah

the crane tree

My goal is to create one of these crane trees as seen in 500 Days of Summer.
I just need to find a pot and some twigs!
On a Zooey Deschanel note, I have discovered a (local!) friend who is equally Zooey obsessed and would pay to see She & Him in concert next month, purely based on Zooey and not so much the music.
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so many memories!

I wasn't lying when I said I'd get on organizing my photos to print a few. Little did I know what a monumental task that would be. All in order to face the impossible task of selection about a dozen photos from 18 months of backpacking, not to mention all the places I've been since I got home.
How's everyone spending the long weekend? I'm being boring, relaxing, and hopefully catching up on stuff I typically avoid.. aka cleaning.
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my 6 seconds of fame

(And thats 6 seconds in 3 separate clips lol! I just watched the S2E4 aftershow online to scope it out!)
The camera adds 10lbs, just throwing it out there!
Did you know their "martinis" are actually Vitamin water?
I also won a sweet sweet Aveda prize. (Well, my friend Jeff actually won it but felt bad for me. Nicest friend!!)
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i love lamp

As for pics of the completed room.. I'm so horrible it's not done. I bought a stupid "hard drive" that actually is the lamest thing ever and I've been procrastating the ridiculous process I have to go through to get my pics off it. I swear, I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW.
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what she wore- night out in T.O.

Not going to say which club (let's just say it wasn't my choice and should be interesting) but I'm rocking this lace and gold accesorized outfit to the club tonight.
Blue tank: H&M
Lace tank: Target
Leggings: Target
Waist bag: mark.

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paradise circus

Does anyone still watch Gossip Girl? (I just love watching to see Serena's outfits -> dream world!)
Anyways, I was able to "soundhound" the song at the end of the episode(my new alternative to Shazam- i got it when I first got my phone last year, and it was progressively upgraded to be way better and also expensive- but it's pretty awesome, does lyrics and sometimes only takes a few seconds, rather than waiting to capture the full clip!) Ok, sidetracking done. Love this remix. Not my usual genre but I am feeling it. Perhaps in preparation for actually going out in Toronto this weekend, weird. It's been awhile since I've done that!

Also hitting up Toronto next week to watch the City Aftershow taping haha, They have giveaways, maybe I'll get something sweet.
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Just discovered the "gaga" shade at MAC. I want. A gorgeous pale blue-pink! This is one covet I may have to give in to, especially since every cent of the proceeds goes to the MAC-AIDS fund. Done.
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I love Glee.
I just started watching about 3 weeks ago, and caught up with the whole series online. Each new episode, I get a stuck stuck in my head for the next week, until a new episode comes out.
Recent faves:
Oh yes, Olivia Newton John and oiled, muscle-y men!

Any other secret (or not) Glee fans?

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what she wore- high school musical edition

I am literally going to a high school musical tonight. "Hairspray", at my old stomping ground, B.R.
I love the skirt/tank combo but I never really know what to cover up with when you've got a flowing skirt. I got this piece from Lululemon of all places, and it's totally my summer uniform. Especially at the yoga training. It looks awesome knotted at the front as well, although not with a belted skirt!
(I cut my head off cause I looked really pissed when in reality, I'm not.)
Cover-up: Lululemon
Tank: H&M
Skirt: JC Penney
Legging-tights: H&M
Sandals (not shown) Airwalk @ Payless
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full moon

Took this a few days ago... full moon visible at dusk. So beautiful!
(click on the pic for a larger view)
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How did I not...

Know about the new iPhone OS coming out this summer? I was so excited to hear about the 4G I guess it got lost in the shuffle.

Anyone heard anything else about it? When it says "will ship this summer"... is it free?? Anyone?!
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