Like Paish, I'm drawn to artists from overseas. Robyn, Florence & the Machine, Temper Trap, Mumford & Sons, Sol Seppy... to name a few!

Silly me, I didn't check out the artists I hadn't heard of that Paish wrote about, but after reading an article about Adele and then having some Scottish friends tell me i HAD to hear her new single (below) I decided it was time to check it out. I always find that the name of a musician will come up over and over, and when I finally check them out, it's instant love. So it was with Adele. (And reading the post again now, I'm off to check out Kate Nash next since she's been suggested to me a few times!)

Another one of my faves off "21".

The best part? Adele's Toronto show has just been moved to the ACC due to demand- I'm SO stalking ticketmaster Saturday afternoon! (Too bad it won't be as intimate, but I feel like I won't be disappointed like I was with Florence!)

♥ Callah
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lisa mark photography

I was checking out the site for the photographer who shot my sister & her fiance's engagement photos, and found their blog post from the fall. I thought I'd share the link so you can check them out if you haven't seen them already - click here!
♥ Callah


spring is here!

Broke out the Birks (and OPI in barefoot in Barcelona) today... perfect timing for St. Paddy's. I had no specific intention of celebrating (getting up at 5am to teach will do that to you) but I donned some green and headed out for Guinness fuelled shenanigans and a good night. (By good night, I still mean home by 11pm... oh, over the hill at 25!)

♥ Callah


stripper shoes

Lady Gaga always has the oddest videos. I was interested to see her wearing foot undeez (once the dancing actually starts) like I wear in pole dancing, though! The song is slowly growing on me from hearing it played over and over, but i don't like it as much as her other stuff. This video also makes me want a ribcage piece.

Next session we are graduating footwear... check out these babies i just ordered off of eBay! 6 inches of clear plastic goodness.

That is, if my currently injured wrist allows me to move on! 

Paish... maybe I can wear these down your aisle?

♥ Callah



How has it been like 3 weeks already since I blogged? Oops. Here is a babbling post explaining one of the reasons for lack of content.

Anyways, last weekend I hosted my sister's bridal shower. For those of you who weren't there, it was probably the most stressful day in recent memory. (I'm sure, say, my dental hygiene entrance exam was more stressful, so I'll try not to exaggerate too much!). We rented out Hugh Foster hall in downtown Milton... and while we were setting up, one of the other girls locked us out! In the pouring rain no less. And then everyone decided to show up early. (Who does that? Fashionably late is where it's at!). So, Stephanie is texting me asking if she can come yet in the middle of the panic. Eventually stuff got sorted and on track but I think it's understandable that when people asked how it was going my response was, "This is a DISASTER!" (melodramatic under stress, much?)

But, amid the panic there were lots of nice touches. My co-worker made this gorgeous cake that was tasty even with fondant (which I've heard isn't usually so nice to eat!). Even the bow is fondant!

And we made cute favours :)

Moral of the story? Never let the key out of your sight. Or just have the shower at a house. 

On the plus side, I mastered the art of delegating!

♥ Callah