Happy Canada Day, guys!

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I'm a Molie!

Bought my first Moleskine notebooks today. Now just have to decide what to use them for... I wish I had drawing abilities! (Yes, I am kind of a stationary freak.)
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Found photograph (singular!)

I'm not one for saving pictures to my computer, but I found this one and it was a must. I love the contrast, and how fluid the Rwandans look dancing.
source: Starbucks Fan Site, Facebook

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Buffy v. Edward

Back in the day I was a hardcore Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan (the original movie especially!). While I appreciate Twilight in it's own poorly written and badly acted sense, I very much enjoyed this. I have a strong urge to watch Buffy on DVD now.
Found here
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cool click

Found this website,Tumbleweed. All about small houses, very cool to click around.
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My Sister's Keeper - quick review.

Went to a matinee of My Sister's Keeper today. (Yay for cheap matinee prices!)

I wasn't expecting much of this movie at all to be honest, I never envisioned the book would be made into a movie (although no shocker really, considering Jodi Picoult's mass popularity.) I also wasn't expecting Cameron Diaz to be particularly good in this role. I think she's great, but I didn't know how I felt about such a well-known star being casted in the movie adaptation of the book.

Well, Cameron really impressed me as well as probably the first 90% of the movie. There were a few huge omissions from the book throughout, but the end killed it for me. I don't want to give away anything so I'll leave it at that. I think those who haven't read the book will enjoy it more than hardcore Jodi fans who are expecting something more from the movie. The ending is acceptable but I was disappointed with some changes that were made

On that note... unless you have a heart of stone like me, bring LOTS of tissue. I shed a few tears, but my fellow movie attendees were sobbing. I think I broke when I traveled.

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an addition...

reading more from MLIA... giggling is turning into choking, thanks to my cough. It made it even funnier.

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amazing image

This photograph is in my history text for summer, and I think it's amazing. It shows the true strength of the Vietnamese. Captioned: A Cambodian guerrilla is carried to an improvised operating room in a mangrove swamp in this Viet Cong haven on the Ca Mau Peninsula (1970). This scene was an actual medical situation, not a publicity setup. Photograph by Vo Anh Khanh © National Geographic Society

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giggling profusely

Reblogged from Ponymalta

New fave blog for a laugh: MLIA: My Life is Average.
A more serene alternative to FML.

A few ones that I'm sure had my mom questioning my sanity...

Today, my GPS told me to turn left. I went straight instead. The voice on the GPS remained cool and collected. MLIA

Today, my office became really dark because of a passing cloud. For a second, I thought it might be the Apocalypse. Then, the cloud passed, and I went back on Facebook. MLIA

Today, I was playing Roller Coaster Tycoon and named one of my roller coasters Your Mom so that all the guests were commenting that “Your Mom was great!” or “Your Mom was a really good value!”. I laughed. MLIA.

Today, I was eating beans and they spilled. Then I laughed because I had spilled the beans. MLIA

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new crush?

After watching He's Just Not That Into You and The Hangover, think I've developed a little crush on Bradley Cooper! Sure he plays sleazebags, but look at that smile!
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100th post! I googled Centennial fireworks and it appeared to be a mostly NYC theme:
Brooklyn Bridge (photo by Bruce Cratsely)
The Plaza
Statue of Liberty!
(photos found on Google Images)

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Two Classics gone in a day

Two iconic figures of very different types... what a day you are, June 25.
(edit: getting conflicting reports over MJ so who knows at this point?)

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Just discovered a new bakery cafe every Miltonian must run to, Flour Girls. My sister & I tried a Red Velvet (potential new fave- anyone remember Cristina & Burke's wedding cake on Grey's?) and a Canadiana- maple icing. Delish! Too bad fever + 34C weather= no way in hell enjoying it with a coffee or tea. (I even ate some clam chowder COLD- ick.)
(and yes, they actually look THIS GOOD.)
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the real world..

The Real World is definitely one of my addictions. The new season in Cancun started tonight, and the definite highlight was when one of the roomies was making out with some chick at a bar... and another one was making out WITH HER MOM.
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I'm sick.

It sucks.
Good thing I've got a backlog of PRC to youtube, and not so good thing, TONS of history readings (on top of exciting Microeconomics- not my strong suit!). I missed my ball game :(
So, I put it to other people to blog lots to keep me happy. My head hurts.

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P.S. for anyone interested in my knee- apparently nothing is torn, checking for.. wait for it... ARTHRITIS next.


Not so gaga for Gaga

Dear Lady Gaga,
By making us wait nearly 3 hours for you (thank goodness we were late), and only providing a mediocre DJ whose turntables stopped working after half an hour and no opening acts, you nearly ruined the show.
Your 'arty' videos about 'Candy Warhol' while creative, were not suited to the concert environment. And your incessant talking between songs was rambling and very annoying... because you do it between EVERY SONG.
Thank goodness when you actually stopped the verbal diarrhea and performed, it was it was excellent. You did not fail to impress me with art-inspired, sculptured outfits and lots of sparkles. Those factors improved the show enough for a passing review...
Click for bigger images.
Apryl and I, before the show

So, people didn't like waiting.

She held her arm out like that for the whole opening song, Paparazzi

I recognize that! Blogged here

"I'm just a bitch with bubbles"

My arty shot. She had a matching bubble piano.

She came out wearing those TV glasses.

Luckily, non-smart people thought she was done, so we got even closer. "Did you actually think I wouldn't sing Poker Face?" Um, maybe... you made us wait 3 hours! Note the "GA GA" nipple covers.

The whole crew

Ok, I tried to upload a video but it's been working for hours... I give up, turning the lappy off for the night! I'll try again for the video later.

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tonight's the night

Lady Gaga at the Kool Haus. Concert Review & pics to follow...


Note to self...

When considering a painful procedure such as a frenectomy (I'm tongue tied), DON'T YOUTUBE a video of it.

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Take your pick..

Keeping on the PRC run I seem to have going here,

Vote here.

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So, after my meeting with PRC alumni Brandon Dwyer, I've been catching up on all the episodes I missed this season. This lead me to thinking about Sunny Fong, the winner, and what he's been up to.
His site led me to the July Elle cover spread- here are the fashions,as modeled by Tori. Check out the link for the whole story, and larger images.
love it!

Can't wait to see what he comes up with for his next collection.

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Post Secret

Not sure if anyone has stumbled upon this site yet, Post Secret.

The story is especially cool.

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So, I've started a new sub-blog where I'll post a picture a day. Check it out.

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My Project Runway Moment

So, last night out in T.O. for a few birthdays... and I met Brandon Dwyer, who was on the last season of Project Runway! It was an exciting moment for me (once I had placed why he looked so familiar- I missed the first half of the season, but saw him helping out Jason in the final 3). I was a total nerd and asked for a photo, he is INCREDIBLY nice!!
Joel, Brandon and I @ The C Lounge

The infamous 3-tier dress that Jason wanted Brandon to recreate for one of the final challenges

And, I'm quite certain one of the girls was wearing a similar version to this design, belted, with KILLER shoes.(here's the connection: My sister's friend's friend's friend is his roommate. Serious.)

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all that glitters...

I've noticed another popular word in song lyrics...
Seems like the guys don't like this one as much as the ladies? lol!

Lady Gaga- Boys Boys Boys
Hey there sugar baby
Saw you twice at the pop show
You taste just like glitter
Mixed with rock and roll

P!nk- Glitter in the Air
Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands?
Close your eyes and trust it, just trust it
Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?
Have you ever looked fear in the face
And said I just don't care

Katy Perry- Waking up in Vegas
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas

Glitter sounds fun...

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So, it's time for another Australian music moment.
These are The Presets, iTunes classifies them as Electronic. I couldn't link the music video so here's a live version- you can appreciate them crazy outfits and all.

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iPhone users...

Mark your calendars.
The iPhone update comes out June 17, including a landscape texting keyboard and picture messaging. My dreams come true!
The new 3G-S coming out seems AMAZING and I'm sad I bought mine 4 months ago. Oh well, it was 4 months of AWESOMENESS.

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So, I'm going to the Lady Gaga concert at the Kool Haus in Toronto next Friday. I figured I'd post some of her insane outfits, which seem to revolve around leather, sculpture, and tightness.
She liked this one so much she wore it in another colour.
(there was actually a THIRD rendition, but I thought it'd be overkill!)

While her outfits are definitely out there, I have to give her kudos for doing whatever the heck she wants. (And managing to dance and sing in them too!)

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I just have to say it. Everytime I comment on someone elses blog, where the hell do they get those security words. Enceflablat? Hagdais? (ok, I kind of made those up but I'm sure they are not far from the truth!)

Anyways... every time I comment I want to tag on, "wtf is this word I have to type..." but then it's too late. So after a few months of thinking, I have devoted a blog entry to it.

That is all.

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jumping on the bandwagon...

Callah in 3D

sneakers / my new Sauconys for workout purposes only.
shoes /haviana thongs or my AE flats.
jeans /some Australian brand.
t-shirt / i hate t-shirts.
bag /spring.
wallet / Vietnamese "Chanel".
watch / hell no. When traveling, disposable cheapies- went though 4 in 6 weeks.
sunglasses / umm.. again cheapies cause I lose them all the time. Current pair also Vietnamese.
jewellery / Whatever accumulated while traveling abroad.
tv / the big one downstairs.
cellular phone / iPhone.
mp3 / I want a shuffle for working out.
make-up / CG, Joe and Benefit.
deodorant / Lady Speedstick Clinical Strength
toothpaste / Colgate Sensitive.
shampoo / Biolage.
soap / foaming Bath & Body Works- especially Cherry Blossom.
mineral water / Anything filtered.
wine / Sauv Blanc for whites and Shiraz for reds. Anything goes.
food / cheeseburgers and and anything involving ranch dressing.
candy / dark chocolate.
hairdresser / Ugh, NOT the chick from the Loft. (changed my mind lol)

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So, I've never found myself actually liking much less wanting anything from American Apparel before, but some ads on a few blogs have drawn my attention to the versatility of these items.

They're on the "reward list" (for when I lose enough weight to be able to pull the dress off perhaps?)

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see this

UP (in 3D) is a brilliant movie.
Everyone should go see it.
That is all.

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Olympics, here I come!

Just purchased my tix for the Vancouver 2010 games this coming Feb. I'll be attending the Bronze Medal game for Men's Curling, and the finals for Women's Aerials (freestyle skiing).
Maybe I'll see some of you there!

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new do

So, got my hair did today! I was hesitant since my stylist pre-trip is just too far for my broke ass too spend on gas money. I went to The Loft in Milton, and pretty pleased with the outcome. (Except she was a bit gung-ho on the hairspray, which I immediately brushed out!)

Yes Kaitlyn, I DID have to cut it short again- it was still dead after last summers (well, it was technically winter in Australia) foray into the world of blonde as pictured below...

The good news is I think its all good to grow now!

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Send and you shall recieve

So, thinking back to some Kiwi artists, one of the bands of love out of New Zealand is Opshop. (actually British/Kiwi/Aussie terminology for a thrift store if you're interested).
Anyways, the first time I heard Opshop was actually in a New Zealand post commercial. It actually brought tears to my eyes, and watching it again after so long did again!

The song is "One Day".
If you're interested in the other two commercials in this campaign click here and here. They're all fab and touching!

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Showing off my handiwork with my new summer shades. (They are actually much brighter then appears!

Polishes: China Glaze- Base: Rich & Famous Tips: Turned up Tuquoise

P.S. Watched Syndey White tonight- it's an Amanda Bynes chick flick but i actually thoroughly enjoyed it! Shhh!

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