i love leo!

I just heard about this movie, not sure if it is old news? I really do enjoy Leo though (he gets better with age!) and I thought Romeo & Juliet (by the same guy, Baz Luhrmann) was well done. I'm interested to see this!

♥ Callah


summer* sun (*spring)

I did something this weekend I don't often do - booked the WHOLE weekend off from teaching, just because. I had four full, glorious days to enjoy the rare gorgeous, sunshiney long weekend, also coinciding with James' and my one-year anniversary.

Cookng up tofu for the first time. YUMMY stir-fry with General tao sauce. 

Bowling!! I actually broke 100 and got second place (a mere 2 points behind) in one game!

Frank - James won him for me :)

All dressed up for our anniversary dinner on the lakeshore. Actually wearing this to a wedding too but probably with straight hair, looking at this picture!

Terrible self-portrait!

Burlington lakeshore

Sunday- picnic day!


Enjoying every minute of the sun!

My man's a stud. 

Cool kite.

New summer dresses.

I also did a TRX class and tried tennis for the first time, so it was a very active weekend. I definitely need some practice with the tennis but it was a lot of fun! I feel so relaxed and not ready at all to get back to work tomorrow! How were your weekends?

♥ Callah


van gogh- up close

I think it was twitter that led me to discover the Van Gogh exhibition opening soon at the National Gallery in Ottawa. Reminded me of my visit to Holland last year... maybe I will get around to sharing more photos sometime soon.. I took SO MANY and barely posted any!

Here is one from the Keukenhof gardens. This image below was created entirely of flowers, based on Van Gogh's self portrait. (you would probably not believe how Van Gogh is properly pronounced in Dutch if you have not heard it before - it doesn't sound pretty!)

Sadly, Starry Night (which was my first favourite painting, which has now been replaced by Girl With a Pearl Earring, also Dutch!) won't be on loan. Excited to see everything else though!

♥ Callah



These cost a small fortune, considering what they are ($5 for 3) but wow, perfect for me! With my long hair having a tendency to get in my way I always keep a spare elastic around my wrist. Now it's not tacky! (they also come in gold tone).

♥ Callah


My mani

This is my attempt at a fade out glitter manicure. Not bad for my first attempt! Practice makes perfect. right?




This is the easiest hairstyle ever, idea courtesy of pinterest! Dutch braid (i.e. inside out French braid) from the side and finish in a bun. I couldn't manage to hide the elastic though! (didn't figure that out til the car ride home).



Christ Church cathedral

Read over on a cat of impossible colour that they are tearing down the ChristChurch cathedral.

(my snaps from 2008). So sad!
♥ Callah