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one of the places i was strongly considering before i decided on the Netherlands was Sweden. Why? seems like there is a swedish theme going on with my interests right now.

Stieg Larsson's Millenium trilogy- the girl with the dragon tattoo starts off a bit slow but once the story picks up, it just (mostly) keeps on going through the whole series. According to my kobo i'm 78% complete the 3rd book. Apparently his wife is considering finishing the fourth novel that was nearly complete when Stieg died. I've also watched 2/3 of the foreign, subtitled films. 

Robyn. i love this girl. getting right up front to the stage in the summer was pretty much the coolest experience. This picture is obvi from before we got bumped up.

ikea. I think this one goes with the need for an explanation or pictures. Remember my new duvet? the insert is from Ikea, lol. Driven to while listening to Robyn.

H&M... new jeans and legwarmers... perfect for to & from the studio in chilly weather! 

So, Sweden has been added to the list of places to visit.

♥ Callah


Holland FTW

So, my DDS (dentist, in normal-people lingo) is closing the office for a week in April. I decided to go to Europe and make the most of not being tied down to a mortgage (yet!).

Sweden, Spain, Greece... where to go? It didn't come to me until it came to me (it seems like a pretty obvious statement, but maybe you know what I mean)... Holland! My very first roommate in Wellington, NZ is Dutch and whenever we chat, a few times a year, she always asks when I am coming to visit. I messaged her and said, now! 

Check out an amazing Holland photo album here - random set I found on Flickr.

Booking flights is like playing the stock market. When I first checked a few weeks ago, the price was reasonable enough. I decided to wait until payday... and then it went up $300! I searched earlier tonight but got distracted and didn't see the results until just now. They were dirt cheap. But of course, refresh... they went up about another $300 from earlier in the evening, but still cheaper than the original, reasonable price! So I jumped on it and booked my flights. I leave on April 17th, in the evening... so as soon as Paish's wedding festivities are all said and done, I'm leaving on a jetplane (except I know when I'll be back again).

On the list:
- people watching in cafes (no, I won't be smoking up!) along the canals
- visiting my friend in the Hague
- cheating on my veganism in Edam and Gouda
... and lots more to figure out. If you've been there, leave some suggestions!


♥ Callah



Some pics I took last Wednesday.
Snow day!






This guy actually made the front page news in the Canadian Champion... it's just down the street from my house. He is slowly slumping forward... and about 10 feet tall!


♥ Callah