that my blog is so boring lately.
Basically life right now revolves around yoga and my half-marathon training.
However, did have a great time finally getting a chance to dress-shop with Paish.  Apparently we experienced an Earthquake together and didn't notice. Facebook told me it was so... followed by this badge of honour from Anne-Marie.

Anyways, if you're really bored here, you can always check out my side project, my yoga life. May not interest you at all, but it's a collective about my yoga experiences, my running, eating locally and vegetarian, and lots on "living yoga" etc. The other side of my life. I've hit the "big time" and been emailed about testing samples and possibly having a giveaway if i like it, so that's exciting!

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500 days in LA

Interesting fact. Watching 500 days (this time on actual DVD! I bought it!) I just HAD to google where it was set. As the page was loading, I hear the word(s?) "L.A." for the first time in the maybe 8 times I've watched it! Talk about coincidence.
I always love reading about little nuances of the film. It'll never get old. This is a good article.

I can't believe my training starts in 12 DAYS! I'm so excited to live in Toronto for a month. I've never lived in a city in Canada!! Also excited to bridesmaid dress shop with Paish - see you soon!

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I always feel like I need an explanation after watching a Gaga video.
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on top of the world

Do you ever have one of those days where everything just seems to be amazing? (Even though for me, they are usually followed by crappy days. I think my extreme amount of bad customer service experiences in the past few weeks may have led up to this point- karma!)

Anyways, I have temped quite a bit at one of the dentists in town, and loved it each time. Amazing staff, great patients (you wouldn't believe the difference from office to office!) and not to mention, super close to home! I got offered a full time permanent position today, starting in August after my yoga training is complete. It's 3.5 days, so I can still teach part-time on the weekends etc. (I'm not posting it on FB yet since I still need to give my notice this week!)

I celebrated with laser hair removal (random, there is a clinic right across the hall from my new employer) and it was on special!

And of course, some new Lululemon. I seriously have an addiction, I blame my sister as she bought me my first few pieces while I was valiantly resisting. I'll be well set for training anyways!

I also worked front desk at the studio tonight for the first time, and it was fun :)
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She & Him

So, last night was the night!
Zooey Deschanel, in the flesh.

Cameras are NOT ALLOWED in the Sound Academy, so this was blurrily snapped via iPhone. Just a clue of how close we were to the stage (no zoom). We didn't even realize until we left and had to wade our way to the back of a looong room full of people!

Anyways, going in, I didn't know how much I would actually like the music. I honestly bought the ticket just to see Zooey. It was actually really good! Not my usual kind of music and I won't be able to listen to it all the time, but a nice quirky change! The openers, The Chapin sisters, had the same kind of sound and awesome voices. So all in all, a nice surprise!!

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She & Him.
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i might be a nerd for blogging this...

Frustrating that I bought my phone in a February. It means when I'm due to renew next Feb, a new version will be out only a few months later. Sad.

= amazingness.
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dancing on my own

Robyn's new song!
Looking desperately for someone to come to "Disco Lemonade" with me July 30. Keane + Robyn = amazingness and lots of memories of listening to their songs on my backpacking trip.

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10k pics

Got the pics today from the Ottawa Race Weekend 10k. Normally they are all hideous, but Stephanie & I purposely sought out the photogs for post-race snaps.

(My actual time was 1:22:07- still slow, but the clock is even slower- it took about 8 minutes to get to the starting line!!)

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