A random check in

Wow, so apparently I can't handle working full time and blogging concurrently. I've been a busy bee! One more week and then I can return to my normal, lazy schedule and use my free time to prepare for my 10k (thanks again for passing along Marnie's amazing quote Vero!) and getting ready for my teacher training- in which I will be doing I think 54 classes in 30 days. !!
SO, I will share a cool Mannequin pic my aunt took in Toronto to keep you guys distracted from my lack of blogging.
P.S., If anyone in Halton wants their driveway sealed this spring or summer, my dad has just started up his own business. (Shameless plug!)
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new toy :)

I've been coveting the Nike+ iPod adapter ever since i heard of it. However, owning 2 iPods already, it was a bit silly to buy a third one just for the running kit. I was super excited to see the Nike+ sportband!
I LOVE IT!! Tracks your pace, distance, and calories. Also doubles as a watch. And it plugs right into your computer to track the info online! Super cool. Perfect motivation to get me to my 10k in Ottawa next month! Better get my ass in gear too... since I'm currently at about 5k!

Oh, the downside to outdoor running? Someone sees me every time! (like the little girl I teach kids yoga to who saw my sister and, and said, "you were like this *imitates huffing and puffing*". Embarrassing haha! (and on that note... I just downloaded a song for my kids class this weekend, and promptly got it stuck in my head. the usual.)

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SJP in Vogue!

Check out the Vogue SJP article here.

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officially a kids yoga instructor!

Wow, I've been MIA... first week of my MONTH of glorious full-time temping. I also (FINALLY!) took my Kids Yoga training course so I am officially a Kids Yoga instructor :)
To top off a great (albeit expensive) morning shopping for new workout clothing (including a new run outfit to wear for my 10k!), i found... get this... (and Paish already knows because I was so excited I emailed her ASAP)...
BRUNETTE BATISTE! (dry shampoo). I've been waiting for this day (so long that I gave up). And at Winners of all places! I cleared the store out. (Meaning, I bought both displayed in the picture).
Off for a run to test out my new gear :)
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A new, MUCH more informative trailer for SATC 2!


I'm Callah, and I have an addiction.

Nail polish (fueled by my friends aesthetician discount). I added all these beauties to my collection yesterday. I think I need one of those display racks they have at salons.
Back row, L-R: OPI: Panda-monium Pink, China Glaze: Recycle, OPI: Barefoot in Barcelona
Bottom row L-R: Alice in Wonderland OPI Collection: Off With Her Red, Mad as a Hatter, Absolutely Alice & Thanks so Muchness.
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what she wore- 04/07/10

Casual comfy edition. Going to a birthday dinner, hence the cut off shot- no time to take a better one!

Plaid shirt- aeropostale
tank- mossimo (target- last trip)
skinny jeans- city streets (at JC Pennys)

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Decisions, decisions!

So, it was a tough call, but a spot opened up in the Toronto Moksha teacher training this summer so I've decided to take that one, vs. Montreal. As much as I would have LOVED going to Montreal for a month, it will be great to take the training 10 weeks earlier! And I know I'll go for a visit, anyhow.
(While this isn't my best dancer's - it was mid-hike - it fits the post perfectly!

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tea, for one

I compromised on this covet with a tea set for one.
I am currently enjoying some delicious 'Sleep Well' tea before bed. Yum!
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I ♥ NY

But, just the state will do. Made another shopping excursion today. Watch for some 'what she wore' posts coming soon... I FINALLY (and I do mean FINALLY) found a pair of skinny jeans. Nude pumps still escape me, though.
Also added some cute new plaid shirts to the mix, and a lace tank. Shopping in the states always pleases me immensely.
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I am absolutely in love with these tattoo socks on etsy.

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wordle what!

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