O Canada!

I am seriously having like, the best day ever. Last night we wandered amongst the insane crowds literally right outside our hostel (all the streets and closed), and hit up a pub for some drinking (finally!)
Although tired this morning, the Bronze Medal men's game sure woke me up... even though our country wasn't in it, it was an amazing game between the Swiss & the Swedes (or, Ikea vs. Sigg). Highlights including someone shouting "Riiicooola" and the wave. Swiss made a comeback in the last end, winning 5-4 (i think!)
Took the bus to Granville Island, and when we transferred found ourselves right outside the Lululemon Lab- they create/sell new designs there. Made a sweet new purchase (more details to come!) and found the Hockey Helmut toques were on sale - only $10!!- to celebrate our Women's gold, and to wear during the Men's! (Or on the airplane lol!)
Granville was awesome- loved looking through the kids shops and found tons of Olympic merch without the lineup of the Bay- finished souvenier shopping wandered through cool stalls downtown, and had a sushi dinner. Not to mention, our winning streak continues! Tied for record of most Gold Medals at the Winter Olympics ever, and we've got the hockey game tomorrow! (Sure everyone is aware... but I am seriously so excited it's crazy). Unfortunately didn't get to actually see us WIN the curling thanks to people having commandeered the TV to watch exhibition figure skating (cause seriously, who cares?)
Anyways! Last night tonight, crazy long travel day tomorrow but so excited to head out and celebrate!


Van city update

So, day 3 (already!) of being here at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! Not gonna post any pics yet, since I've been keeping the facebook pretty (ok, VERY) updated!
On Tuesday, wandered around and queued up for the viewing platform to see the Olympic Torch/ Cauldron. Was worth the wait as otherwise you're stuck behind a fence which sucks for photo ops!

That night, headed to the Victory Ceremony where we saw Ashleigh Mciver given her gold for Ladies Skicross. Talk about amazing atmosphere, the crowd went crazy and I loved everyone singing "O Canada" as our flag went up!

Yesterday, hit up Lulu to pick up the "Gift of Yoga" passes (and buy a new top, delayed reward for the 30-day challenge!). Went to a flow class yesterday and did power yoga today (which was INSANE, btw), I'm loving changing it up from my regular Moksha series!! Trying things and pushing myself in new ways!

In the late afternoon, began the long process of seeing an event. Seabus to Lonsdale Quay, Olympic bus to Cypress, 1.5-2 km walk to the venue. Foggy at first but it did clear up somewhat by the final round. Saw some amazingly crazy jumps... and falls! So much respect for the athletes! Luckily the rain held off until we were walking back to the bus. My crappy boots basically had puddles inside them by the end of the night! Then lined up at 11pm for the Olympic Superstore, where I bought some small things. I seriously nearly die of cuteness overload when I see the mascots.

Today, chilled out and watched the events on TV- Irish pub for the hockey, got completely decked out. (Watch for a What She Wore- Olympic edition lol!) So excited both Mens & Womens teams headed for gold in curling. I'll be watching Sweden battle the Swiss for bronze on Saturday morning. Have to mention how amazing our Figure Skating bronze was- congrats to Joannie for sure.

Tomorrow: hot yoga followed by JAPADOG! For realsies. Oh, and lots more event watching, and maybe even a little homework. Maybe is the key word.

♥ Callah



I love buying travel insurance through World Nomads, since they have the option to donate to Footprints like I did last year. This time, I chose a water program. Feeling warm and fuzzy now!

I also had a code which was an extra $8.40 donated to the cause by World Nomads - anyone buying travel insurance, I would definitely recommend! They pay claims in decent time too!
Can't wait for the completed project update :)
♥ Callah

Tik Tok

Holy crap, in 13 hours I will be airborne for B.C.
So not prepared! Must... finish... another unit of Spanish..! And laundry, and pack!
Oh, maybe I should buy my travel insurance while I'm at it! Talk about last minute scramble. Couldn't have it any other way!
Landing at 1:21pm - I'll text you when I'm on the bus Paish!
♥ Callah



Oh hey, just noticed I'm over the 300-post mark. Coolio.
Thought I'd revisit my resolutions:
-Move. Anywhere. We'll see if the Euro thing pans out. If not... Ottawa? Victoria?
Nope. I've looked into what it would take to transfer my credentials to the UK though, very real possibility after my sisters wedding!
-I'm doing a 30-day yoga challenge starting January 16. Yoga. Every day. 30 days.
-On that note... start varying up the workouts a bit... (after the challenge of course!) Semi-done. (Early days yet.) Did a pole-burn class today, which is a workout incorporating pole dance poles. Got a compliment from one of the ladies in class - "You two (my sister) didn't even look like it was hard!" Little does she know.
-Learn how to ride a bike. I told myself I would last summer... oops. Nope. Waiting for nicer weather for outdoor activities!
-Remember to take my vitamins! Well, for about the first two weeks when I was getting over a mega cold right when I went to London.
-Stop using drive-thrus. Waste of gas, pollutes the air, and whatever I'm buying certainly means I should get off my ass to go get it. YES! I love this resolution. It also has been a good way to curb impulse Starbucks trips.
-give up my grudges. Waste of energy! Yup, pretty good!
-Make a painting. Even if it's terrible. (Paish, wanna help?) Nope. Need to be able to afford some supplies first haha!

♥ Callah


Family Day

Yesterday was a family day - a holiday I wish I could laugh at you B.C.ers for not getting, but in reality it was no holiday for me! Helped out with kids yoga again and it was the busiest yet. Cookies and tangerines helped lol!

Whoever designed the 2010 mascots is a winner in my book. Seriously the cutest freakin things ever. Although I don't fully understand why a fur-covered sasquatch needs earmuffs, but oh well.
Another gold, this time I was actually WATCHING, woot!
And now Spanish crunch time (aka stop-slacking time).. perhaps back to being a bag blogger. Oh well, I'll be seeing my B.C. readers in the flesh soon! I've been super-boring lately.
♥ Callah


The final countdown

Hello readers! sorry ive been a bad blogger. I blame the previously mentioned full work week and yoga challenge.. Today is the final day! We're having a special silent class and our party tonight- complete with a moksha Milton tee for
our achievement and organic wine- can't wait!

The countdown is on for B.C. - 5 days til I'm there! It's going to be ridiculous. I'm glad we got a medal
last night but too bad it wasn't our first gold! Oh well. Anyways, I'm
writing this on my phone (btw, awesome 2010guide app for the olympics) so I'll write a proper entry soon!
♥ Callah


Things That Make You Go Awww

Things That Make You Go Awww

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Wallpaper is up!

Lovely surprise when I got home from a long day at work. (That's right- actual WORK! I'm temping this WHOLE week!)
Looks amazing. Can't wait to actually move in, which will involve a huge purge and re-organization process- DESPERATELY needed. (Unfortunately I'm insanely busy this week, between work, yoga and trying to stop slacking on school. Also taking a photography course at Henry's to learn about my DSLR!)
Paish- how do you store and/or display your necklaces? I'm accumulating and even with my neckland stand, it's becoming a jumbled mess.
Stay tuned for redo pics!
♥ Callah


Where's Waldo?

Find out here!
The craziest part is I was here just last month- this is right by one of my friend's flats I stayed at in London!

♥ Callah


What She Wore- 02/06/10

Apologies for terrible photo (bathroom reno is just about complete though- 6 months later!). Nothing else was working!

Top: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: Sirens
Cameo earrings: F21
Necklace: gift from Paish (years ago!)
♥ Callah


Yoga Extravaganza - it's day 21!

Haha Vero, I love your name for it. (I'm procrastinating studying as usual so I am replying to your request speedily :)

My yoga studio is hosting a 30-day challenge. I energy exchange (volunteering- cleaning, kids yoga... I actually work on behalf of my sister getting free yoga- Maid of Honour bonus points!) at Moksha Yoga Milton, which is a hot yoga series based off Bikram.
The idea is yoga once a day for 30 days... is you can't make it to class, then home practice is OK, or even another type of yoga that isn't Moksha. Last week I counted my Kids Yoga class, since I do it with the kids and it was actually a really good workout, I was sore the next day!

Some people are modifying it to "30 classes in 30 days", but I personally like the idea of yoga every day. I've actually felt pretty good, hit a wall on Days 11-12, but pushed through it :) I've become aware of all the changes since I started the Moksha regularly at the end of October- I can breathe deeper, stretch further... and I achieved my "secret" goal of having a teacher compliment me in class- on Camel pose no less, which I HATED when I started! Also feeling more "zen"- that is, not freaking out about stupid things like I am prone to.

(Opening week at the studio)image

The challenge will culminate in a special silent class for the participants, followed by a party. Excellent way to boycott V-Day!

Bringing my yoga mat to B.C., can't wait to participate in the Gift of Yoga!

♥ Callah


Loves & Loathes

Love this idea for a post from Lady Smaggle.
- Cheese & pickles, together. (Sandwich, on crackers...)
- Getting your online clothing order in the mail
- Free tea at Starbucks today
- Chocolate covered espresso beans!
- That I'll be in B.C. in 2 weeks!
- Short, dark nails
- The facebook group, "Can This Onion Ring Get More Fans Than Justin Bieber?" - probably!

- The library charging me a late fee for a book returned on time. Oh well, wasn't going to argue over 40 cents...
- On that note, when did the daily fine go up to 20 CENTS? The good old days, it was 5c!
- My Spanish course. Or just the fact I slacked so long.

What She Wore- 02/04/10

It's been awhile! Ignore the poor photoshopping out of the family portrait.

Yay, my hair is long enough to hide my face now! Also excited to get another dress I can actually wear my fuschia tights with. Interested fact, as a child fuschia was my fave colour.

Dress: Forever 21
Coin Necklace: Vietnamese Market
Tights: K-Mart
♥ Callah

This is disgusting.

Apparently Heidi Montag is a completely new person after 10 procedures in one day.
Watch the video here.

Ah, the good old days. image

Hollywood is sad- she's only 23!
♥ Callah



This limited edition Cherry Blossom tea set from Teaopia. Oh, how I long to host tea parties with this baby.
♥ Callah


O Canada.

As much as I seem to flourish more when I'm overseas, I am a fiercely proud Canadian. This donut from Tim's excited me. And it was a delicious treat, since I don't consume donuts very often.

On that note, I really want a maple leaf tattoo. Like, a real leaf and not yucky flag-leaf. Gotta lose a few more l-bs first.
♥ Callah



I am applying to be a camp counselor at a Canadian/English immersion camp in Spain this summer. Paid flights to Europe- and you can stay as long as you want! Dangerous.

Kids, (as much as I may hate to admit it), say some hilarious things. Some I've heard in the past few weeks helping out with kids yoga:
(While colouring pictures, maybe 8 years old) "Joe, this grey crayon just isn't creating the illusion of a cliff face"
(2 year old, being shown a picture of "Ironing Board Pose"- hey, it's for kids!) "Is that a Mini Cooper?"

Seriously. It's actually cute. Which is good, considering I'm applying to work at a KIDS CAMP.

(See what I mean about the Spanish and yoga? It's my life. Maybe I should get on the actual Spanish learning and not just catching up with last semester, since it's through a different Uni- which thankfully, is done).
♥ Callah