hair GPOYs

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my hair-did for reception (aka Stephanie & Curt's wedding #2). I won't pretend this was my first attempt but it should have been... flat-iron curls, loose pony, pin the ends under and voila. Easy, and my new go-to updo!

Ignore the weird looking hunchback!

Hair + makeup!
♥ Callah


world press photo exhibition

So, a while back i alluded to a photo exhibition i stumbled upon while in Amsterdam. Slacker that i am, i will finally share it with you now!

The world press photo exhibition 2011 actually opened on my last morning in Amsterdam. It was staged in Oude Kerk (old church), which I had actually just planned on visiting to check out the interior with my museumkaart, but was surprised to find so much more!
"Our mission is to encourage high professional standards in photojournalism and to promote a free and unrestricted exchange of information. World Press Photo aims to support professional press photography on a wide international scale. Promotional activities include an annual contest, exhibitions, the stimulation of photojournalism through educational programs, and creating greater visibility for press photography through a variety of publications."
It was such a unique setting - amazing photojournalism ranging from general news to nature to sports. Definitely some shocking scenes too. A cool inclusion was a 12-photo series from one of the chilean miners who was trapped last year, going about his everyday workout as usual. Check out how they integrated the exhibition amongst the beautiful details of the church.

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

the exhibition







You can check out all the winners here- definitely worth browsing!

♥ Callah