my forever art

Ok, by request!
My tatts from oldest to newest, and why they're there.
Centaur- Saggitarius. I found this in the horoscopes section of a teen girl magazine and had the artist modify it to my liking. I was 16! I didn't realize it was so worn looking, it doesn't photograph well. it's on my low back (7 years old) and I tend to forget about it! The artist went to jail for being involved in a high speed police chase for crack posession. Nice.

My palm tree (left hip). I actually drew this myself based on a perfume logo. Thanks, Avon. I love tropical places so this reminds me of my "happy place".

Birds in Flight. This one was a google image of real birds! I LOVE travel, and these birds symbolize travel and freedom to me.

Lastly, my family tree (ok, vine). I also designed this one (and my artist freehanded the awesome vines). Each flower represents my immediate family, and their birthstones- we have a lot of September babies! The bigger flowers are my rents, then my siblings, and I'm last since I'm the baby. I got this a week before I went on my backpacking trip- my bro got the Chinese symbol for family at the same time. Some of it is faded thanks to lots of walking during the healing phase.

Steve at Stigmata in Guelph did both of my foot tatts and I will never go to anyone else again! His work has held up the best by far.

Hope you like! If you don't... whatever lol. I love em!
♥ Callah

kickin it at the race

Here's a montage of me busting my ass the last 100m to the finish line.

I don't know how people manage to look GOOD in these types of pics... I always look disgusting.
Clearly more running is in order!

♥ Callah


I ♥ free stuff.

So, I am a huge fan of Starbucks and just discovered how worthwhile it is to have the Starbucks card and register it. You can get 2 hours free WiFi per day (and apparently, at EACH store per day so if you really didn't want to go home!) free syrup and soy milk, and free refills if you buy regular old brewed coffee. Woohoo! Had to share the joy.
Also... I love summer because it means iced lattes. Tim's iced coffee cannot TOUCH starbucks! It was disgusting- I do not recommend!!

I feel a bit like Perez Hilton.

♥ Callah

got goat?

My friend called me up to tell me about an incentive for prospective car buyers (aka me, if I can ever get out of debt).

Buy a car, get a goat.

The best quote from the article: “And, most importantly, there is no such thing as Goat Flu – so no threat to tourism. It’s hard to see a downside,”

Tempting. Too bad it's in New Zealand... their cars are made for the other side of the road!

♥ Callah



So apparently a new trend for summer is bright nailpolish... yay!
My much needed pedi post- 5k run/walk in Ottawa this weekend. (polish: China Glaze- Cajun Shrimp)
Don't worry- I'll stay away from flouro.

♥ Callah



Was in Ottawa for the weekend- and my cousins dog is too cute for words. He's a Yorkie. Let me tuck him right into bed.

(a sidenote- those bedsheets are bamboo and the most luxurious sheets I have ever slept on. I want!)
♥ Callah


Take me out to the ballgame!

Enjoyed a Jays game on the long weekend-luckily they were still on the winning streak!

Figured I'd share the pic, seeing as I've been newly recruited to my friends team- despite warnings I haven't played since grade 9 gym class, and my catching, hitting, and running skills are all lacking. I've been assured it's OK.

Practiced yesterday and my skills are hit or miss...literally... and not necessarily in that order! Lol!

♥ Callah


On Monday headed to Port Dalhousie for the first beach day of the summer. Ok, we didn't swim or sunbathe but enjoyed a walk along the beach and down the pier. Gorgeous!
Swans- what a change after the black swans on NZ/Aus!

I swear the sky was crooked- it was impossible to get the horizon straight!

Cute :) Love the turquoise.

Can't wait for the water to be warm enough for a proper beach visit!

♥ Callah



I've noticed how popular the word "swagger" is in song lyrics.

T.I. f. Rihanna- Live Your Life
I'm the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.

Britney Spears- Womanizer
You got the swagger of champion
Too bad for you
You just cant find the right companion

Black-Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow
I like that boom boom pow
Them chickens jackin' my style
They try copy my swagger
I'm on that next shit now

Wonder if they hear the word in another song, love it, and steal it?

♥ Callah


Man donates skin.

Ran across an interesting odd article about an Aussie man covered in tattoos.

I'm a big fan of tattoos as an art form, and this man has pledged to donate his tattooed skin to the National Gallery (in Canberra, unfortunately one of the places I never stayed to visit) when he dies. Pretty weird, but cool at the same time. (I mean, if you've ever seen one of those Bodies exhibition...)
The design is a "Sydney garden", based on unique local plants you'd find there.

♥ Callah


ANTM Disappointment.

Tonight was the finale of ANTM cycle 12. Teyona took the win over Allison, and I have to say despite my early doubts of her abilities, I really found myself liking her at the end.
My fave shot of Allison, (defo click for larger)

and my fave shot of Teyona.

Allison had a terrible runway walk earlier in the season but she really pulled it out for the runway show, and I really don't know how the judges thought Teyona's portfolio was stronger than hers! I was not impressed at all with the final decision... but in a few weeks when CNTM is on, I'll be laughing my head off at how terrible our version is... it's sad! I hope it's improved!

♥ Callah

Ellen Interview with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performed on Ellen yesterday, and did a quick interview with Ellen afterwards.

I loved it! I think it was so 'cute' (for lack of better word) how the Lady Gaga couldn't help proclaiming how much she loves Ellen!

♥ Callah


For 2009... Greetings.

Thought I'd share my most recent completed "For 2009" project.
"Use Google Maps (or another online mapping system) to find a city you previously did not know existed. Do this by clicking randomly on the world map while also zooming in. Stop when you have found a city you do not know. Now use Google (or another search engine) to find an exact mailing address to a place in this city. To the address you have found, send a simple note stating: HELLO FROM (write your location here)."

♥ Callah


Sky Shots

I seem to have accumulated a few different crazy sky shots on my iPhone, so I decided I'd share them.
a weird cloud formation on my way home last week.

Nice sunset driving home from work.

These clouds were at the exact moment we had a crazy wind storm breaking a 30-year record for wind speeds. It was honestly how I'd imagine a tornado, minus a funnel cloud!

Blurry pic, but this was so weird- a huge dark cloud hovering over a dusky sky.

♥ Callah

For 2009

Got a great link for David Horvitz from Veronica.
The idea is, you sign up for an email list and he tries to email you some simple instructions daily (or almost daily).
Can't wait to see what else he comes up with!

♥ Callah


What She Wore- 05.09.09

top: Urban Outfitters (can't see anything else, but- necklaces: Tiffanys, Diva. Jeans: umm, some jean shop in Australia)


Callah in NYC pt II

The second installment of my pics in NYC.
In Union Square on a busy busy Sunday afternoon.

Enjoying the art at the MoMA.

Another cool piece at the MoMA.

On the steps of the Met! Such a Gossip Girl fan. (except the last few eps... WTF?)

In the pouring rain, in front of the New York Public Library.

♥ Callah


the Callah Mosaic

Ok so I jumped on the mosaic bandwagon.
It's actually pretty difficult forcing yourself to decide on an answer! Here it is:

name -Shawna
favorite food - cheeseburgers
hometown - Oshawa, Ontario
favorite colour - pink
favorite movie - Memoirs of a Geisha
favorite drink - latte
dream vacation - Japan
favorite dessert - DQ ice cream cake!
self description - smart, witty
how you are feeling - excited (to become an official Uni student as of tomorrow!)
favorite thing in the world - friends
what you want to be when you grow up - happy :)

Mosaic made here!

♥ Callah



Due to request (ok, one but it's enough for me!)
...my Tiffany purchase! Ta-da!

I had a photoshoot as I unwrapped it, in fear I could not re-create the bow. But alas!
I found a blog that shares the Tiffany Bow Secret. I'm sensing a future shower theme... (just need an excuse for a shower first!)

♥ Callah

Callah in NYC... part I.

I love getting photos taken of me in cool places almost as much as I love taking pics. Here is bunch #1 from my recent NYC trip. I walked a LOT.

Times Square. My aunt managed a perfect tourist-free snap.

On the Staten Island Ferry, posing with Lady Liberty.

On the Brooklyn Bridge. ♥

In Brooklyn with my mom. Grand Army Plaza.

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

Tiffany's! My first time inside. (soon to come: my Tiffany's treat!)
Now I have to get going in time for yoga at the gym!
♥ Callah

An Ode to Pictionary.

My friends and I played pictionary the other day. I'm a rockin' drawer but not so much guesser! It definitely gets harder when you throw some rum into the mix as well!!

I defo must own this when I finally get my own place. Whenever that may be...!

♥ Callah


My Sister's Keeper... the movie.

Just saw a commercial for a movie of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper!
I had NO idea this was coming out! Starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it either.

(Isn't it exciting? I just figured out how to put youtube clips into the blog. Duh.)
♥ Callah

Canada's Next Top Model

As an avid ANTM fan, I am super excited to hear Canada's version will be returning to the telly! (although I did manage to keep myself amused in Aus with Australia's Next Top Model- and drama and bullying filled series.)

I love love love how the cycle one winner quit modeling to go into Dental Hygiene. She's listed on Wikipedia as a "former fashion model". Talk about a short-lived career. Hope she had better luck getting a job then I've been having!!

♥ Callah