spring has sprung!

From my garden:

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Fresh faced for Spring!

Every so often I go a little nuts with the mark. shopping - today I received a box filled with goodies (mostly for myself).
It Kit (and mini-brush set): 3 shadows, bronzer, and the inside flips to reveal 3 all-over cream shades & 3 lip glosses - perfect for any mini-vacations... or weddings!
Gloss gorgeous: lip gloss that wears off into to a lip stain (in Pop)
Dew Drenched lipstick: pink posy (the tube is so cute... smaller than my thumb, but it's full-size inside!)
and, an SPF face lotion for oily skin. It is actually AMAZING. Not greasy or goopy at all.
So, I'm all set for summer!

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I think...

Paish should do her next "what she wore" in this style... what with that handy empty frame behind her and all.

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Also, it's official.

I will be attending Moksha Yoga Teacher Training this fall in Montreal! September 13- October 13. My lovely friend Katrina lives there so I'll be crashing at her apartment. (which basically translates to laundry & sleep, because I'll be at the studio from 6:30am- 7:30pm, 6 days a week!)

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what she wore- welcome spring edition

Hmm.. perhaps in this image I am staring outside at the glorious 8C weather. It's expected to hit -get this - 25C this weekend! I cannot wait.
I feel like this dress will be a spring favourite. Love the neutrals, and the length. I also got lots of pretty new spring/summer makeup colours from mark. as well... watch for a post soon!

Dress: mark.

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proposal: next family vacation

I am 100% serious... The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Disney Orlando!!
And on that note... I'm going to the Ontario Science Centre Harry Potter exhibit in a few weeks. Why yes, i AM 24 years old.

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As mad as a hatter

Was reading an interesting article about "Killer Fashion" in the paper today, and learned something new about the "Mad Hatter" character...
...hatmakers were forced to rely on cheaper furs such as rabbit. But in order to turn these alternative materials into the desirable hats, hatters had to brush them with a mercury solution which led to mercury poisoning.

"Symptoms of mercury poisoning included pallor, anemia, disorientation and trembling," says Matthews David -- the exact symptoms that Johnny Depp displays as the crazy Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's current box office hit Alice in Wonderland. Matthews David says that Alice author Lewis Carroll grew up in one of England's busy hat making centres in the 19th century. It's likely he saw the "mad hatters" that led him to create the fictional character in his now famous book.

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my apps

thought it could be cool just to take screenshots to share my apps. Been updating lately!

Also have a few more on the last pages, that I never use... the stocks, olympic guide & cowbell lol!

Share your screenshots!

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best thing since sliced bread

these new, customizable blogger templates... for realsies! I don't even need my banner anymore cause the whole background is IT! Ah, love.

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art imitates life

Have you heard about this yet?
Researchers have found famous artists have kept increasing the size of food portions featured in paintings depicting the Last Supper... They discovered that over the years, meals grew by 69%. As well, the plates were 66% larger and the bread rose by 22%.

On another note... getting the flu is an excellent way to lose 4lbs in a day. Ugh!

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I die. I will totally sit and read the whole book in-store. Nothing I haven't done before (although admittedly I was a backpacker then... oh well!)

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what she wore- remix

Remember this skirt and this top? Awesome combo!

(Although I do have to admit it's not the most slenderizing skirt, I saw one of the girls on ANTM wearing a skirt of the same fabric on the show!)

Drapey top: Urban Outfitters
Tube top: Garage
Skirt: F21
Legging tights: H&M

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I wish..

my fashionable B.C. friends lived in Toronto. Since I'm FB friends with Brandon Dwyer, I get invites to his shows and - get this - an after party with a Betsey Johnson fashion show, Andi Muise & Agyness Dean (who I once tried to imitate hair-wise, and will never do again).
Anyone wanna come down for April 1st?

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pursuit of happiness

Love this new song I just heard!

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I can't remember which blog I found this on.

These Alice-themed heels. Splendora.

Oh, and on that note... I saw Alice in Wonderland on opening night, last Friday. I loved it. It was way less acid-trippy and had an actual moral going on. 3D, I'm not so fussed about, although it was cool for the falling-down-the-rabbit-hole scene. Definitely a go-see!


My Athabasca Spanish course. It's so bad that if I weren't made of stone, I would cry. I've reverted to using my old text (& the corresponding website) to teach me what this damn course can't. GAH.
Luckily, I have this portrait of me to brighten the evening.

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How to take better profile pictures

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there's an app for that

I love my iPhone more every day. My longest recent relationship no question! I was thinking how much a pain in the ass it was to physically make flashcards, but my Spanish vocab was definitely suffering. So it came to me, there must be an app for that... THERE IS!

Flashcards deluxe. One of the few apps I've ever paid for, worth every penny of the $3.99! Totally recommend for anyone who needs to practice anything (it also uses pictures & music / voice memos), it seriously has every option you could think of, and is easy to upload your flashcards onto the website and download onto your iPhone. BRILLIANT. I actually WANT to practice my vocab cause it's so awesome.

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Christian Siriano for Payless

Did anyone else know Christian Siriano did a line for Payless? Probably, I'm always so out of it. (Granted, this is the American site and probably isn't even available in Canada, or else costs like 50% more, based on my personal experience...)
Anyways, check out the HEELS!
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This F21 Couture Bow Sheen Dress. Too bad a) no where to wear it & b) 99.5% chance it wouldn't fit.

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So sad they are discontinuing my RBC Starbucks Visa credit card. But it's almost made up for by the fact that they now have CHERRY BLOSSOM Starbucks cards! Oh, the things that make my day. (Hmm.. resemblance to my banner? It's like they made it just for me!)
Job update: boo, my availability might not work for the yoga reception job. But there is a good chance I'll make it off the waitlist and into Moksha teacher training this summer in Toronto, considering the glowing review my studio owners wrote to the Moksha founder! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!
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This video is amazing and hilarious. Give it a watch! (particularly Rick Hansen's comment after he jumps)

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Woot, I just landed a part-time gig as receptionist at the yoga studio!
This makes me a very happy person.
I'm hoping my other summertime related decisions unfold so easily.
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I'm watching the Blind Side, and I've basically been tearing up for the whole first 45 minutes. Which is weird, because I'm kind of emotionally stunted. So I'm going to make an early prediction it's a great movie.

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Red Carpet faves

Faves of the night. (Does anyone else think awards shows are WAY too long? I always throw in the towel before the biggest awards are given out.)
Tina Fey, simple & classy in Michael Kors.

SJP in Chanel Couture. While I don't love the overall shape, the top portion in fantastic. (Except when it appeared to be choking her during her presentation!)

Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab. I love the muted colour palette (although not necessarily the pattern), and the draping.

JLo in Armani Prive. One word: stunning!

Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham. I love the corset-style top!

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desert island, five things:

this was actually one of the activities at my contiki group interview, haha. I'll change it up a bit though. Pencil & notebook, a hatchet, a water jug, and a book on survival. (preferably the one by Les Stroud, Survivorman!)

what is your greatest fear?
being miserable in life.

Do you want to be buried or cremated?
Cremated, we take up enough space during life as it is!
Ask me anything


Umm, eep!

Eep, flying solo at Kids Yoga this Sunday... wish me luck! (No, haven't done the training yet, yes, I'm nervous..!) Good thing Stephanie (my sister, for those who don't know!) will be my assistant!
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Loves & Loathes, v.2

Everyone seems to like the idea, so I'll continue on!!

- Finally getting moved into the big room.
- the possibility of things maybe finally falling into place!
- The quick return to my pre-B.C. weight (I was afraid of the scale for a few days!)
- Olympic photobook!
- Finally finding a good red lipstick!

- hacking fit during a group interview.
- My Spanish course.
- cleaning said big room.
- Not being in Vancouver anymore :(

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What She Wore - Lulu edition.

This is the vest I talked about, from the lulu lab in Van. Also, my minimal hair cut fix, courtesy of my friend Ashlee whilst in Van. She also got my to cut her hair -like, a REAL haircut with layers and everything - and then proceeded to mess with my by sending a text saying, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HAIR?!". While composing a defensive response in my head, received the next one: "Cause I freakin love it!"

3/4 Tee: American Eagle
Groove Pants & The Vest: Lululemon
Bow necklace: Tiffany
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Survivor: Room edition

In the process of transferring rooms.
It's a complete disaster area! Combine all the unwanted junk of the 2 adult females who have occupied it in the past 13 years.
What will survive?!
Not much, probably, but I'm defo keeping my massive teen book collection (Nancy Drews and The Babysitters Club for my future niece!), my baton medals/ribbons (to prove I didn't waste 9 years of my life), the Polly Pockets (just cause they rock), and my college supplies & texts (cause I spent a small fortune on them).

Otherwise... PURGE! Kind of hilarious to see the shoes & bags I rocked as a teen. Definitely didn't go with the flow.

Wise words:
1. Stop buying unnecessary things. Only buy the necessities, and always ask yourself: is this truly necessary?

2. Get rid of the obvious things. Stuff that’s getting in your way, that you rarely ever use. You can often fill up a few boxes immediately, put them in your car, and donate them to a thrift shop or to friends and family the next day.

3. Get rid of more obvious things. Now that you’ve cleared up some of the clutter, you can take a look around and start seeing other things you rarely use. Box these up as well.

4. Clear the clutter on your floors. If your floors are barely visible because you have clothes and boxes and different items all over the place, start clearing your floors.

5. Clear other flat surfaces. Shelves, table tops, counter tops. They don’t have to be completely clear, but should only have a few essential objects.

6. Start going into closets and drawers. One place at a time, start clearing out clutter.

7. Cut back another third. At this point, you should have simplified drastically, but you can revisit what you still own and see things you don’t really use that often.

8. Start letting go, emotionally. For emotional reasons, there will be things that you “just can’t part” with — clothes or shoes or books or mementoes or gifts, childhood items. This is difficult, but given time, you’ll learn that such attachments aren’t necessary.

9. Get rid of another third. At this point, you’re pretty minimalist, but you can cut back more.

10. Et cetera. The process will never end, until you actually give up everything.

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Ok Go!

After watching the new OK Go (RGM version) vid, I had to do some research.

The video is one continuous nearly 4 minute clip, which took engineers about a month and a half to build and test a Rube Goldberg machine to match the audio timing with perfection. Each reset of the machine took about an hour to reset, even with hiring an extra 30 people specifically for that job. It reminds me of a ginormous MouseTrap game board.

Check out The Making Of (1, 2, 3 & 4).
Damian is kinda hot.

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What She Wore- Olympic Edition

Yes, I rocked a Canadian Flag cape- along with about 50% of the crowd! And what a perfect excuse to break out my new red lipstick, too!

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My Olympic Vid Collection!

Here are a few videos I took while in Vancouver this past week!

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The end is here

So, turns out being on the plane wasn't so horrible after all. The satellite TV was WORKING, and it was so awesome to see every single TV tuned into the game. It's definitely a memorable experience to hear every passenger erupt when we scored the winning goal!

So, another item crossed off the bucket list. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. Canada rocks!!

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