Not Ready to Go

Here are a few snaps from my iPhone at the concert I attended last night. My friends Dead Celebrity played a show with The Trews, and it was thoroughly enjoyed! I forgot how much I liked The Trews, especially the lead singers voice. I just DON'T like a 10+ minute rendition of a song when its already 12:30 on a Wednesday night... call me a party pooper! (or not... does anyone use that term?)

♥ Callah


NYC... fave pics.

Ok, so I took about a million pics in NYC. More to come, but here are my fave shots of mine first!
Sunset over the WTC site.

Imagine. Flowers at Strawberry Fields, Central Park.

My first glimpse of Coney Island through the window of the train.

A hungry squirrel in Brooklyn.

Some lazy pidgeons waiting for the Staten Island Ferry.

Lady Liberty at sunset, as viewed from the Staten Island Ferry.

Flowers and fountains at the Bowling Green.

A rainy day in NYC. The black umbrellas come out!!

Bye bye, NYC. Awesome views from the window seat. (Thanks mom!)

All the photos were by moi!
♥ Callah


A sample of NYC

Thought I'd quickly share the tiniest sample of a few things I've seen in NYC.

Cherry Blossoms in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

I think I must have taken a million photos in the MoMA today. Amazing!!
Monet- Water Lilies
Picasso- Three Musicians
Van Gogh- this portrait of a postman was the "replacement" for starry night, which is currently touring. DISAPPOINTMENT!
Andy Warhol- Campbell's Soup Cans. I never noticed they were all different types before- never looked closely before!

Just not enough time- I will definitely have to come back. (Surprise! :P) Didn't get around to the Top of the Rock when the weather was still nice and dry. Nor the Museum of Natural History!

More to come... including a few purchases!
♥ Callah


To NYC I go...

photo thanks to Google from this site

In a few short hours, I will be heading to the airport with my mom... destination, NYC! My long-awaited trip to see my aunt & uncle before they move back to Canada. Yay for free accommodation!

on the to-do list:
♥The Met
♥Top of the Rock
♥Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the CHERRY BLOSSOMS!
+ lots of window-shopping and free-gallery hopping!

I will be back Tuesday evening, hopefully with a few good things to show off (budget- or lack thereof- permitting).

Ta ta!
♥ Callah


my new Audrey addiction.

So, I'm pretty slow to hop on the bandwagon when it comes to watching the classics. (I just started watching Gone With the Wind for the first time today... it's so long, I'm not done yet!)

These classics include my sisters collection of Audrey Hepburn films.
She really is a "classic beauty", in every way.

All images found through Google Images.
And of course, aging with grace!!

Now... can't wait to visit Tiffany's in NYC!!
♥ Callah


Word(s) of the day...

At my Papa's for Easter the other day, I discovered an ancient dictionary. 2536 pages long...

An example of a beautiful old book!

This is my hand in comparison to the size of this monster!!

♥ Callah


What to do in case of emergency...

Chocolate: Dylan's Candy Bar
♥ Callah

Chanel Light Bulb Shoes

Yes, I am fully aware these came out ages ago but I've been out of the fashion loop thanks to being a backpacker on a budget.

Heard Miley Cyrus talking about the Chanel Light Bulb Shoes on Rachel Ray yesterday.

Apparently they're functional, too. No getting lost in the dark!!

♥ Callah

what she wore... 04.11.09

Got a new white short-sleeved jacket/blazer today.
When is it ok to wear white again? WikiAnswers told me the last Monday in May (I guess after the Victoria Day weekend) but it was so nice out I rocked it today. (sorry about messy washroom in background lol- it's being re-done!)

Jacket: H&M
(on that note- does anyone else LOVE the H&M commercials?)
♥ Callah


So long, snow.

Dear Winter, in the form of ice and snow in Spring.

And please, do NOT come back.
Got myself a job interview today... fingers crossed.

♥ Callah


Walking in a Winter Wonderland... in Spring.

Headed to Guelph today and took a quick look around my new campus. (Not til fall though- summer term is all distance Ed for me!)
It's a gorgeous old campus (with a few ugly mod-70's and new modern, all glass buildings thrown in for variety.) It looked so pretty in the snow- guess it's good for something! This is what you are "missing" out in BC.

Can't wait for student life- It's defo not the same at college when all your classes are about teeth.

♥ Callah


what she wore

In the style of Veronicaaah, I really liked my outfit today, so I'm doing what she wore. Hope thats ok V!
Unfortunately my hair isn't long enough to hide my face!

Top; Ginger G. Sweater; Urban Outfitters. Leggings; La Senza. Hat; Aldo Accessories. Necklace; Diva (Australia). Grey Slouch Boots; Steve Madden.

♥ Callah


Toronto Fashion Week

Just sharing a few pics from the Flare website from Toronto Fashion Week recently. There were a lot of looks from graduating Ryerson students and Project Runway "alumni".

Lucian Matis, Fall 09.
This is so cute- could be very wearable without the antler accessory!

Evan Biddel, Fall 09
A PW winner.

Carlie Wong, Fall 09
Apparently one of the models for this designer fell out of her shoes and went barefoot. Oops!

A look by Kat Marks
This was a Superwoman-inspired look by a Ryerson grad.

♥ Callah