My hair is "normal" again.

I've said goodbye to the pink. I was a hair model today for my friend's working interview at a Salon/Spa in Toronto. I've got very subtle "hidden" highlights and dyed out the pink. Perfect for growing out- low maintenance for my low-budget lifestyle which I must now unfortunately lead.

If I stop being lazy I'll eventually take/post a pic.

♥ Callah


Wine & Heels

On Saturday, Annie and I celebrated her 24th birthday with some of her friends at the Flying Dog (i think?)in Waterloo. This picture accurately portrays how we were feeling- blurry.

I will allow Annie to tell the story of a drunkard trying to hitch a ride. Muy interesante, as I'm learning in Spanish!

Amazing time!

Kings of Leon

Alrighty! So it's been over a week since the KOL show and I love them more than ever! The concert (in Hamilton, at Copps Coliseum), was absolutely BRILLIANT. They opened with the first track on their newest album (Only by the Night), "Closer". I LOVE the riff of this song and was so glad they opened with it... definitely a good way to generate a screaming crowd!

They didn't play much old stuff, which was ok because I'm only familiar with the two most recent CDs (for now!). Their last CD, Because of the Times, reminds me of chilling out in my dorm in Wellington, New Zealand when I lived/worked there. Good times.

I can't remember being in a crowd going so crazy screaming their heads off before. It was incredible. I love the energy you get from that! They performed amazingly, and sound very true to what their albums sound like- all in all it was incredible (aside from the girl 2 seats down tossing her cookies ALL over the floor and getting dangerously close to my shoes. Oh well, at least I was not the unfortunate people in front whose jackets got splashed. Big coincidence, that was actually one of my college classmates sisters boyfriends who got the short end of the stick on that one!)

Here are a couple shots:

This is my "Holy crap Apryl, the car is moving and you're taking a picture" smile.

Sexiest voice EVER.

Rocker chic.

♥ Callah

Montreal snaps!

So, I've been a slacker. Here are some snaps of Montreal, long overdue!

Katrina and I hauled our asses up Mount Royal. At one point we got stalled by a sheer cliff face. We eventually made it!

Well, here we THOUGHT we were at the top. Not quite!

We hunted for this thing forever so I took a cheesy "GPOY".

Wicked cool building.

Love the colourful shadows!

This is that kick-ass apartment building i mentioned. Check out the website of Habitat '67 here. It's so cool!

Random metro mosaic.

Biodome & observatory. I have no idea how it's still standing. Apparently it's been plagued by mishaps!

♥ Callah


It's coming.

Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy... THIS THURSDAY!

Other TV excitement... The Hills and the City premiere next week! Looks like I won't be able to say "I don't really watch much TV" any more.

♥ Callah


Successful trip to the USA!

Today I went across the border to the US for some serious shopping (mostly at Target... LOVE!), and of course lunch at Olive Garden. Some photos of my fave finds:

Some colour to brighten up the days as they grow darker! Bag, Target.

Apologies for the floor, needs a sweep! Booties, Payless.

Sweater dress and long leggings, Target.

I apologize for the indecency of the top half. It cannot be avoided. Tank, High-waisted skirt, Target. Black boots (seen also below in grey, for detail), Payless. And no, I will not be combining these to go out in public lol.

Trench, Target.

Booties, Target.

Other fab finds not pictured:
-an array of colourful tights
-more colours of the solid tank, and tees
-2x AE jeans (Slim Bootcut... first time going slim on the bottom! and Favourite Boyfriend)
-Finally, a belt that fits!

And to top it all off... the border guard didn't charge us ANY duty! What a great day. Perfect way to celebrate 20lbs lost since returning home!!

♥ Callah


Quebec City

Ok guys, Quebec City pics only tonight! I have studying to do.

Ok, I'm sneaking in this Ottawa pic- my cousin Chantal and I saw a light and sound show which was basically promoting everything Canada has ever done or had. For the tourists! Parliament did look gorgeous all aglow.

This woman clearly didn't want the paparazzi shot! Old Upper Town, Quebec. (I later ate at that pub right head on in the middle of the shot. Beer = $$$!)

at La Citadelle.

Gorgeous boardwalk shot. Before trudging up 310 stairs to be precise!

Right outside my hostel.

So pretty!
the free Cirque du Soleil performance. AMAZING!

Why yes, I AM hanging by my neck only.

Hello down there!

I have to say, I've never seen a church with TVs before in all my travels.

♥ Callah

So this is lame...

I wanted to call Apple customer service, since reformatting my computer would like to wipe out my iPhone (including paid apps!) in order to add new stuff such as music.

On the website, they had a link stating, "Arrange a phone call with an Apple Expert who specializes in your exact question. Talk to us now or later at your convenience. We'll even call you."

The phone rings this morning. I'm thinking, how awesome is this. No waiting on hold. Oh, wait for it... "all our representatives are busy. please hold for the next available representative."


On another note... Kings of Leon was brilliant last night. More on that later. I also realized I still owe you Quebec pics. I'll procrastinate from homework later and sort it!

♥ Callah

Let's All Hate Toronto

I found this perusing the internet. lol!

(The middle few minutes aren't as interesting, but if you have time lol...!)George gets in some good Leafs digs. So true.
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I can't...

Pull off the"smoky eye" look. With my deepset eyes and dark hair, it likes like
a) someone punched me in the face or
b) I just cast a spell.

Or... someone punched me in the face for casting a spell. Boo.
♥ Callah


Reasons why I'm in a great mood.

-Autumn is officially in the air. Ok, I know you guys have been posting about autumn already... but the leaves are changing, even falling, nights are getting cool... it may not be Sep 21 yet, but it's HERE!
-Autumn means my birthday!
-Baseball team dinner tonight. (Bad, cause I won't see them til December, but good, cause we had a great time.)
-I remembered how to get my short hair to go wavy without turning into a fro.
-I ran about 4-4.5k yesterday (and walked 3.5k more!) when I haven't run in about 2+ months.
-Kings of Leon concert Saturday night.
-When Steph moves out THIS WEDNESDAY, I get my room and my TV back.
-I just signed up to sell mark / Avon and I'm getting loads of makeup (mostly mark) for amazing discounts!

(image google)

Yup...life is good.
♥ Callah

Hazel Mail

Now here is something that I wish I knew about/ existed when I was traveling for 18 months!
HazelMail lets you upload your own pic, fill out the postcard, and then they print, stamp and mail it for you for only $1.50 US! SO freakin awesome.

♥ Callah


Define me...

As per Vero's suggestion for a new urban dictionary definition, how would you describe "Shoon"?
Paish started it off in her homage. cute, chatty, courageous and incredibly smart. I like where this is going... continue guys! :-P

♥ Callah


Middle aged prof with an accent:
"Back in the day, if you knew how the sky worked you could say you were a magician. Go to the king when there is about to be a solar eclipse and say, 'look what I can do!' You were the dude."

Cue laughter.

♥ Callah


4 Awkward Moments in Facebook "Likes" on CollegeHumor

♥ Callah


Well, I have my first real (and by real, I mean on-campus... with a real prof giving lectures OUT LOUD) class tonight since like 2005. I have done a couple different online courses since then, and have already started this semesters Spanish course online (what was I thinking?) so I'm kind of excited. Is that weird?

So, iheartpaish looked up the definition of Paish. I was curious to see what the definition of Shoon, my sometimes-nickname, is.

An expression of extreme sadness; generally as a result of getting close to beating a game but then losing miserably. Shoon came about when the word shoon (literally: plural. Shoe)was the final word in the international Scrabble competition.
The winner was a novice and he defeated a world champion with the word. The cry from the champion was a mixture of anguish at the loss and surprise at the strange nature of the word that was his downfall.
When said, shoon can be a loud cry or a quiet sobbing sad exclamation!
I lost ?!? Shoooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!
shoon (read like a sigh or cat meow):( I lost.

Another word for damn or shit.Used mostly before the sentence is complete.
Shoon, u got me messed up.He must think im stunnin' him,shoon.shoon,u must think im playin'.

omfg, he shooned at msn minesweeper

So, while Paish means crap, Shoon means shit. Two peas in a pod!

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this seems appropriate.

♥ Callah


great pic!

I think CNTM winner looks great here in the CG website ad.

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there are wallpapers. (See below post).
Seriously. I can't even take it.
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I think I am dying of looking at too much cuteness. In Hallmark today, I discovered the Kimmidoll collection. It closely matches my love for Japanese style things and cuteness. Clicking through the website and the massive collection of product they offer, I seriously have died and gone to heaven. I'll be buying a keychain ASAP for my new truck keys! (see last post!)

Images Google
♥ Callah

New baby!

I can't wait to drive my kick ass 2001 Silverado around. (Well, technically it's not MINE... but I'm the primary driver).

♥ Callah


The Iron Chef

Last night was my sisters birthday, she chose the Iron Chef in Mississauga as her restaurant of choice. It was brilliant! When you have larger groups, they sit you around a table with the grill right at it. You choose your protein, and everyone gets salad, soup and tons of veg.
It's really a show, the chefs throw around the spatulas and forks, and crack jokes and really keep you laughing. I think everyone really enjoyed it and the food was fantastic! I'd defo recommend for a group dinner.

Below, the timeline of an "Onion Volcano".

♥ Callah


found photographs

I don't really "find" a lot of photos so this selection is rather random and small.

My friend Barb took this stunning shot in Finland.

Friend/college roomie spotted this on her recent trip to BC before they tore it down! Lol i was happy to see it after all the drama!

Random. I've set this as my wallpaper.

Random Marilyn Monroe shot. Love the polka dot brolly on the beach.

This was from the Sartorialist.
Marilyn & Chandelier pics were googled.
♥ Callah