Off I go...

I'm off! I'll try to blog while I'm in Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal but no guarantees. I may be having too much fun visiting friends, family, and some strangers too.
Au Revoir!
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Chocolate covered bacon.

It tastes exactly like it sounds, and not necessarily in a good way. You can get this expensive artery clogger at the CNE. (surprise!)
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Sand Art

Yesterday, I went to the CNE for the first time ever. These are some sand sculptures from the competition. So amazing, and another huge Toronto-scape was being created as we watched!

This one was my personal fave- "Beauty"

This won first place. (click to enlarge and check out his face!)

More on the CNE later!
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wicked cool

I am only just discovered how cool iPhone apps can be. I don't really have much patience for exploring the huge database so I rely on suggestions- and my uncle suggested "Bump" to me... it's amazing! You can exchange files/pics between iPhones by "bumping" hands. It's free... everyone get it!

Anyone have any cool suggestions for me? Cheap/free is key!
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Sun and sand... in six weeks.

My parents booked our family vacay to the Sandals resort in Cuba for Oct 9-16. My mom's 50th (shh!) is coming up, hance the excuse. It was interesting to learn this sandals is not owned/operated by the chain- which is American, so it won't have anything to do with Cuba, obvi.
The sad thing is, apparently they don't stamp your passport because then you can't get into the U.S. Damn, that's pretty much the highlight of any trip. (Although, probably good since my passport is nearly full!)

Can't wait! My first Spanish lesson next semester will be asking for phone numbers. Could be handy...(jokes!)
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T.O. Wanderings

I think as recently as June I've been know to say I hate Toronto. As mentioned in a previous post, I've been driving there daily this week and spent a full day there today hanging out with my aunt & uncle, and tackling the CN Tower as seen in the post below. I have to admit, it's probably the best time I've ever had in the city. Getting out of the touristy areas and checking out the different neighbourhoods, and discovering that quiet actually does exist if you only head down the side streets! I have to admit the good 'ol T.dot is growing on me. I would actually like to give living there a shot... just need to be able to afford it first!!

So, one for Paish!
Cool. In Kensington market, where we had lunch at Rice.

♥ Callah

The CN Tower

So, apparently I was a deprived child and I've never been up the CN Tower OR to the CNE. I remedied one today, and the other is on the way. These are pics from my first trip ever up the CN Tower! I went solo so bear with the selfies (or "GPOYs", in BC terminology!)
Yes, I'll answer to Godzilla.

His smile is kind of creeping me out!

I'm heeeeeeeeeere!

Really, really effin high up! I'm an old pro at glass floors though, after the Auckland tower!

Soooooo windy. That is my excuse for the hair :-P

Toronto actually looks pretty from this view!

My Aunt Melissa told me to wave at her in her condo, so I did. Photographic evidence!

Cue "I'm on top of the World" (The City theme song)

Going down down down... (I have that song stuck in my head... you know, the one with Lil Wayne)

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The good and the bad.

The good news: grades posted, I passed (especially relieved about Micro!)

The bad: A tornado hit Milton. Specifically, my sister's fiance's parents house. Everyone is ok but the area is MESSED UP. My aunt found this pic on Twitter, it's taken near the mall which is right by his house.
Stay safe, guys. (and yes, Paish... another weather post !)

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Mobile blogging?

Testing, testing... Mobile blogging sounds awesome!
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Harbourfront Art

I've been busy this week driving the kids my sister usually babysits (nannies?) to the Harbourfront every morning this week for day camp. I took a few minutes this morning to check out the art in the area- it's very cool! This first few pics below are the Simcoe WaveDeck- there are 3 in total along the harbourfront, variations of the same idea (and one more coming). They are quite new, this one being the most recent. I remember reading about this one in the paper a few weeks back so it was cool to experience it myself. They still smell of new lumber- yum!

Turtles are cute (well, the ones that aren't scary), so this is cool.

This is called "Respect", "a photo odyssey celebrating Canada's Boreal Forest"- loads of aerial photographs. It's spread throughout the Harbourfront Centre.
And, this one's for Annie.

♥ Callah


Colder than a Torontonian

If anyone out there in BC sees one of these before them come down, take a pic... I wanna see this with my own eyes haha!

"Billboard ads in British Columbia for Coors Light beer are being taken down after complaints from Toronto residents offended by the message.

About 30 billboards throughout the province show a can of cold Coors Light and the words: "Colder Than Most People From Toronto."

Adam Moffat, Coors Light manager of brand and marketing public relations, said Tuesday the company has received about 10 calls and emails over the billboards, and most of them were complaints.

"I've been on the receiving end of a few emails," he said. "Clearly we've struck a chord with Toronto civic pride…. People are saying they're proud Torontonians and feel it's not fair to be treated in this way."

Moffat said the company apologizes for any offence and that no slight was intended.

"We were playing up local humour and regional rivalries and having a bit of fun with that," he said.

Newmarket resident Kathryn Morton, who grew up in Kamloops, told the Toronto Star that she saw the billboard while on a camping trip a few weeks ago.

"That's pretty insulting to such a large group of people," she told the paper. "We hear stuff about Toronto people all the time but we couldn't believe anyone would put it on a billboard."

Moffat said the ads will start coming down Tuesday and should completely disappear within a week." source: CBC

Amazing what 10 complaints can do!

♥ Callah



On MLIA (noticing a trend? Now that school's..out...for SUMMER! (sorry, had to!) I've been an avid MLIA reader. I came across this website: How To Tell if our Cat is Plotting to Kill You. Not sure if it's my exhaustion but I was literally laughing out loud. Defo click. I'm going to take the quiz now!!

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I like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur.

I love MLIA + Google. A recent MLIA led me to this gem.
I am glad I have time to explore things like this. That's right, Histo exam is DONE! Think I managed to pull it out and get a decent grade. Fingers crossed...!! three weeks of freedom, here I come! (except work. Boo!)
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one more

one more exam to go. Someone please remind me not to take another history class again, argh. Why did I go back to uni again?
Can't wait for next semester... sooo much better!
Back to regularly programmed blogging after 9pm Friday.
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look to the skies

Fitting, since I'm taking contemporary astronomy next semester. And I'm excited! Saw one meteorite tonight, I'll be on full lookout tomorrow!

"Weather-permitting, tonight and tomorrow night should offer a great chance to see some celestial activity as the annual Perseid meteor shower hits its peak.

The Perseid shower happens when the Earth passes through debris left from the Swift-Tuttle comet which last came this way in 1992.

You can follow meteor sightings on Twitter at #perseid or #meteorwatch. NASA offers some advice for the best viewing. For aspiring amateur astronomers, cnet.com lists some useful websites to help you get started.

photo: A Perseid meteor streaks towards the horizon during the annual Persied meteor shower in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Aug. 12, 2008. (Doug Murray/Reuters)"
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cloudy skies and rainbows

driving to ball tonight in Grimsby (yes, nowhere near Milton) I was assualted with rainbows and cool cloud formations. Why do I say assaulted? Cause my photo-taking may or may not have caused some temporary erratic driving.
Dual! First spotting.

This is sweet. Double rainbow!

You can't tell in this pic, but the rainbow extended over the road... right to my car! I can confirm there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Otherwise my 6 week loss of income wouldn't be so difficult to comprehend.

Light meets dark. Or, dark meets light if you're one of those optimistic people.

This one was BRIGHT!

Another double, 25 mins away!

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Ok, I need to stop blogging and internetting now. My exam is in less than 4 hours- and a 30-minute drive away!
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The Proposal

As per Paish's request, the lowdown on how my sister got engaged. (Sorry, Annie!)
Apparently her fiance (not boyfriend, as I keep wanting to say!) has been waiting for a few weeks. He wanted to do it whil they were camping a few weeks back, but my parents went away for a week before he had had a chance to speak to my dad (who, incidentally, DIDN'T tell me... FYI, I can keep secrets!)
Anyways, yesterday they went to the driving range, and after they had shot all their balls (or whatever you call it- clearly I don't golf) he pulled the ring out of his pocket (it got stuck the first attempt, luckily she wasn't looking) and got down on one knee. Her response: "Are you fu*%ing kidding me?" Twice. Then, "Of course!"
So, the end. They will be getting married in April or May 2011, likely in Mexico. As the Maid of Honour and a seasoned traveler I'll be helping sort out the location!

♥ Callah

Lightning Show

Last night we had crazy lightning storms all throughout Southern Ontario. Since my street is pretty covered with trees, I saw lots of light but these photos captured in T.O. are brilliant. Is this massive bolt hitting the CN tower or is it just me?

check them all out (and sources)
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I got my hair cut recently, and I wasn't sure about the length (shorter than expected). However, reading Geisha: A Life, I came across this pic of Mineko Iwasaki as a child, and am much more accepting of the style now I can say I look like a geisha (as a child, anyways!). it's pretty much identical!

♥ Callah

Time for a mini-vacay.

Well, I say "mini" but it's a week and a half. To me, anything without a flight can't be considered a full fledged vacation- but I've got a good mix of car, bus and rail travel, all booked for a few weeks time.
Where, you say? Eastwards, to Ottawa, Quebec City, and Montreal!

I have family in Ottawa, friends in Montreal, and Quebec City is all by my lonesome... to make new friends, perhaps! I can't wait to explore the old town in Quebec, which will bring back memories of my grade 8 trip no doubt.

And sadly, I don't think I've ever been to Montreal... but that means it will be a whole new experience! And yes, I am welcoming suggestions (hint, hint!)

I'm very excited. It's high time I explored my OWN country for a change!

♥ Callah
(images from google)


my new love.

Recently I've been doing a lot of yoga, and it sure came in handy today when work screwed me over big time. I was, to put it mildly, furious. Since I had nothing to punch (alas, I am doing Taekwondo but only on Mondays & Wednesdays - p.s. If you live in Milton and want to learn TKD for free, message me for details! No catch!)I went to class instead.. Anyways, a shitty morning was made much better (and calmer). So, an ode to yoga. It really works. :)
P.S. I am actually really digging Shakira's new song, "She-wolf".
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Thanks Paish. I'm now using your awesome pic as my profile.
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best plates of life.

My cousin recently moved to NT and got a car. When I saw the license plates, well let's just say I've never been so excited over license plates before. This is what the NT plates look like. (FYI: Nunavut's are the same shape. No shocker there- I'd be upset if they tried to take those away when they made the new territory, too!)

It looks MUCH cooler on an actual car, but I didn't want to go posting my cousins plates on my blog!
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