made these at work the other day.

yes, they ARE strung up with dental floss!

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figured it out...

the fence

dock 16


duck crossing

bicycles and boats
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Originally uploaded by heartcallah
so, after I got my holga and bunch of 120 film, i excitedly set outside to snap my very first pic... and then didn't touch it for a month. knowing how expensive it is to develop kind of put me off. (film wasn't too bad seeing as i got super cheap asian stuff). So, last week I finally pulled it back out and set off to the waterfront in Burlington.

find the whole set on Flickr (unless someone can tell me how to blog the pics without creating one entry at a time?)

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25th bday dinner

topics of conversation included:
-going to Harry Potter world next month
-making paper snowflakes at work

How old did I turn again?!

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best birthday email ever

thanks Paish!

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cherry blossom writing set

amazing custom order by isavirtue!

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blog love

why did you create the blog? it started with paish and gossip girl. i had just come home from my epic trip (and written an epic travel blog) and wanted to re-connect with friends. voila, a blog was born.

what kind of blogs do you follow? friends, yoga, fiction, with a sprinkling of fashion thrown in for good measure.

favorite makeup brand? right now i am digging the physician's formula organic line.

favorite clothing brand? i've given up on trying to be fashionable, so there is no one brand.. just bits and pieces that catch my eye.

your indispensable makeup product: black eyeliner.

your favorite colour: i'm not quite sure anymore. it used to be pink but i'm kind of over it. maybe green, the earth.

your perfume: i don't really do perfume anymore, but i love lavender oil. (i'm starting to sound like a hippie - maybe it's true!)

your favorite films: 500 days of summer, memoirs of a geisha, count of monte cristo, the harry potter series.

what country would you like to visit and why? japan, in a heartbeat. ever since i read memoirs of a geisha (and then seeing the film) i've had a mini-obsession with japanese culture. absolutely stunning.

make the last question and answer to yourself - currently reading? a zillion books, but more notably Bill Bryson's "At Home" and a signed copy of Tinkers that I found at the local Indigo. Also, Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind for my yoga book report. And Diet for a New America. I think thats all!

give the prize to 10 blogs: paish, a cat of impossible colour, angela see angela blog, rose coloured glasses, cherry blossom girl, closet full of nothing, smaggle style, ponymalta, ma vie privee, what claudia wore.

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who knew...

that Neville Longbottom could be so good looking in real life?

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in photos- Toronto

A few cool iPhone snaps from last Friday- headed to the city for a conference. It was a weird weekend- really foggy, like being in a horror film.

First snap... pulling into one of the train stations.

It cleared up while I was waiting to be picked up for dinner at Fresh, my fave. (I really need to branch out... anyone know any other awesome vegetarian/vegan restos in T.O.?)

By the time she picked me up... the fog was overtaking the city!!

Then I proceeded to take "the girls" out one last time... resulting in possibly the worst hangover of my life. Urgh. Some of the first words out of my mouth post-surg? "I feel drunk". Lol, apparently not uncommon. I'm feeling pretty dece now considering I had fat both cut and sucked out of my chest 4 days ago... weird to think that I've actually had lipo! Odd.

Recovery = lots of movies (including an HP marathon, Love Actually & The Holiday), jewelry making and some schoolwork, although mostly slacking on schoolwork thanks to my fuzzy brain, oops.

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ouch is all I have to say.

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today is the day!

T- 7.5 hours! Say goodbye to the ladies!

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what she wore - 400th post

Ok, so this outfit isn't too exciting for the 400th post and all, but there you go.
Heading out to have dinner with some former co-workers. Didn't want to go too OTT since they are coming straight from work.

Love this top- I don't wear it enough. And it might not even stay up any longer in 2 more weeks! Simple in the front...

With a little surprise in the back. My hair is the perfect length for it now, too. Although it refused to curl tonight, hence it looking a bit wonky.

Happy Friday!

Top - Urban Outfitters
belt- from another skirt, F21
Hairband- F21
jeans - fron JC Penney
not shown: black booties, payless

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this post requires no words.

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florence and the disappointment

After months of anticipation, went to see Florence and the Machine tonight.
We started here...

But thanks to some girls with huge mops of hair created a wall of hair obscuring our vision, and also two opening acts (one semi decent, other crap.. the ones pictured) and her not coming on stage til 11 (doors @8), we took advantage of the VIP upgrade to the balcony thanks to Rogers urmusic. We got a seat here...

But still drama galore upstairs. Two girls got kicked out for stealing some girls seats (we wondered why they threw the jacket on the floor). Anyways, Florence finally came on...

And the acoustics in the Sound Academy were terrible, the beautiful harp sounded like crap, and Florence didn't sound like she was trying in about 80% of the songs they played. A few good ones, but definitely would not see again and don't recommend you waste your money either. Blah.

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at home

Have you ever seen a BOOK trailer before?!

I love his travel stuff, although i'm not sure how i feel about these "history" type books.

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allie sighting

I saw this ad on le mode du jour... is this Allie from the first season of the City? (i.e., when I still watched?)
2 weeks til the surg... yay! Victoria's Secret @ Square one, here I come...!
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A day of triumph. My iPhone magically decided it WAS going to be backed up. Which means I finally get to give the NEW new operating system a go. I am feeling excited to choose my own background.

1.5 days!

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6 sleeps

getting psyched (read: nervous!) for my half marathon on Sunday. My asthma has been super-awesome lately (read: NOT.) So i used google maps to check out the course... running 21.1k along the Niagara Parkway, ending at table rock! 

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condo shopping

Future home?

I guess you need savings to do something like buying a condo. Fingers crossed g-pa's land sale goes through next month. maybe i should start buying lotto tickets.

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in iPhone photos- Montreal

Long weekend in Montreal. I didn't really actually do much of anything in particular, except catch up with friends and eat out, a LOT, and do some yoga and window shopping. I promise I did stuff last time.

So, I also didn't bring my camera around with me and even forgot my iPhone on our 8km trek to Chinatown (where were ran into a Taiwanese celebration) and the Old Port. Here are a few random snaps I did get.

St Viateur bagels- I trekked across town for these, all because my sister wanted some real Montreal bagels. She better bring me back something nice from Mexico... buying Corona in Ontario doesn't really count.

This place seriously was COOL. Hard to describe but they had these long skinny spatulas that held a bunch of the bagels in the oven, and would pull the freshly baked bagels out and dump them into that pile you see in the back left. The smell in there was amazing.

My first macaron experience. Little disappointed at the lack of classy packaging. To be honest, they were just ok. The salted caramel was delish and the pistachio was pretty decent, but I wouldn't spend that much on them on a regular basis. And the other flavours, not at all.

The hill Katrina walks up for school every day. It's bigger than it looks, and the mountain was so pretty with all the changing leaves.

This photo magically appeared on my phone, no idea how i captured it.. but it's cool.

So, there you have it. A fabulously relaxing weekend away. Good times. Thanks for playing host, Katrina!

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holga love

I unknowingly first fell in love with holga over at Vero's blogspot, without even really knowing (gasp!) what a holga was. So ignorant. Then, wasting time (I mean, importantly sightseeing) in Montreal at Urban Outfitters, I stumbled upon the lo-fi camera display. It all clicked. THIS was the Holga in all it's glory.

So, I hit up eBay and shall be receiving my new baby in 10-14 days. Beyond excited. Should be interested since I have limited film experience. I'm already planning my next lomo purchase (a Diana+ for those "dreamy" shots), so lets hope I don't suck at film photography. 

I'll leave you with a few holga images from etsy. Click the picture to be taken to the etsy store.

Stay tuned for some shots of my own...

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as much as I like the song teenage dream, hearing it 4 times at work between the start of the day and lunch is a bit excessive. Damn you, radio.
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teenage dream

Just had to share my absolute love for Katy Perry's new album, Teenage Dream.

Enjoy the hotness in the music vid. This video just makes me want to dance.

best pre-party song: last friday night (T.G.I.F.)
face to sing along to: E.T.
best beats/ lyrics: who am i living for?

Is anyone still reading?!

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you've probably seen this on FB already.
If you can't tell, that's my right ribcage, few inches below my armpit. Ouchies- although not as bad as I was expecting. I think my laser hair removal yesterday was worse!

Definition: Om is a very simple chant with a complex meaning. Often chanted three times at the start and finish of a yoga session, om is the whole universe coalesed into a single sound and represents the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga. When chanted, the sound of om is actually three syllables - a, u, and m.
Pronunciation: aaaaauuuuummmmm

P.S. remember my new dress? The untying straps came in perfect for a tattoo session.

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i'm a star!

One of my friend's sisters, who goes to Sheridan for journalism, interviewed me for her article. I feel like a star lol... yay for college newspapers!!

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niagara falls!

Is it lame to have identical entries on both of my blogs? Oh well, it applies to both! And seriously, I'm on a blogging roll.

Last week, I headed up to Niagara to bring one of my good friends from my YTT to see the beauty before she headed home to Singapore. We first stopped at Frogpond Farms, the only certified organic winery in Ontario. After a tasting and loading up on wine, we took a stroll on the short path around the vineyard.

grapes! so many, basking in the sunlight.

loved the cute little farmhouse.

I don't know what these are. 

We found sheep! This lovely guy (or gal?) came right up to the fence to visit us.

Action shot! I was laughing too much to get a decent photo.

This is one of my fave photos I took that day.

It was so amazing to introduce the falls to someone who has never seen them before. It's a rare opportunity!

I made her keep her eyes on the ground until we rounded the corner to view the Horseshoe Falls (i.e., the Canadian falls) in their full splendor. This is where my half marathon will be ending next month!

pure beauty.

We did the "Journey Behind the Falls". We are only 9m above the water level here, getting sprayed by the mist.

Double rainbow! What does it mean?!? I really hope you've seen the video- click the link if you haven't!

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what she wore- sister's closet edition

Two posts- and outfit posts, no less- in one weekend?! I'm on a roll!

Going out tonight for a goodbye shindig at the Devil's Martini in Toronto. Sometimes it's awesome having a sister who likes dressing up. Score!

Dress: no clue
Belt: H&M
Shoes : Kenneth Cole Reaction

Went bridesmaid dress shopping today... it was so exciting, I actually zipped into most of the dresses this time! Thanks, yoga and running!

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what she wore- sister's bday dinner edition

So, a loooong time ago I blogged about this covet. Finally, it actually went on SALE! Woot.

Also, I got a haircut (finally... it happens about 2x yearly!) Of course she cut off more than I wanted but what can you do? (besides not get your hair cut again for another 6 months?)

I'm incapable in smiling for mirror selfies, sorry!

Dress: american apparel
leggings: mossimo  target
heels: payless
lipstick: gaga by MAC

good news... breast reduction in 7 weeks! yay!!

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from the archives

Tonight I backed away from the internet in order to clean my room a bit before a friend stays over tomorrow night.
I found a box full of stuff from high school, including these gems.

I was campaign manager for Paish's run for... ? Student rep or something. Back in the day, she was known as "Kadi". (That's right, the specific D sound, not a T!).
This is pure brilliance. If only we had kept one of the real posters, designed like the mac and cheese boxes.

Note the copyright. Don't steal this amazing design! Also note the incredible likeness. The blue hair is just so natural.

And, for Anne-Marie! This image graced the cover of our "NASA" brochures. The New Annie-Shawna Alliance, that is. Our very own political party in Civics, circa 2000-01.

Can you believe I thought I was fat then? (Well, probably, it was high school). If only I knew what I'd look like by grade 12 after working at A&W!

Posting these were so worth breaking my internet hiatus about 1 hour into it.

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