The holidays are here!

I think this is a first for me... Getting the tree up before December! (or for that matter- even having any desire to get it up before the week before Christmas - takes a lot of arm twisting to get my family to assist bringing up the stuff since I do all the assembling and decorating!).

Behold, the Go family Christmas tree!*

*disclaimer: i would never choose coloured lights. that would be my parent's shopping at work. ♥ Callah


GPOY.. Eye edition

This morning I thought I was going for a consultation and ended up getting my permanent eye liner tattooed on. Ouch but looks phenomenal. Birthday-slash- Xmas gift from everyone this year! (ignore the fact i need a facial!)

♥ Callah


25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

This was posted on facebook... maybe now i still start taking advantage of my large scarf collection i never make use of? (not to mention... how awesome is the video work?)

♥ Callah


How friggen cute is this?

It wasn't even my idea! (click to see larger detail)

Thinking I should attempt to make this a photo a day blog? it's so easy with the blogger app. Thoughts?

♥ Callah


Winter is close...

Does anyone read my (mainly photo) blog? Lol

♥ Callah


Possible what she wore?

Comment yes or no! For a casual "post-wedding toast to the couple" afternoon event (not quite reception, i think - they got married in south africa) - my boyfriend's cousin and his new wifey in a few weeks. With tights (for december warmth) and probably strapless tank underneath instead of the white strap as showing in the second pic. Vote now!

♥ Callah


Lykke Li

I agreed to see Lykke Li based knowing/ liking one song. Good thing it turned out well! I was glad my aunt Melissa was in the same situation! Had a great time, thanks Melissa and Colin!

♥ Callah


Christmas in Toronto

It's starting!

♥ Callah



Remember when I posted about a footprints project i had donated to? Well, another success story: a completed water and sanitation project.

image: wateraid australia

Love the reminded that little donations eventually lead to something big!

check out world nomads travel insurance here :)

♥ Callah


Anniversary weekend :)

Celebrating 6 months (albeit a few weeks early due to schedules!) with my babe at the pillar and post in niagara on the lake. I'm a little bit drunk already (it's like 5:00) after a few wine tastings. The night is off to a great start :)

(edit.. the pictures aren't in any particular order thanks to the blogger app, but it's the hotel (already decorated by nov 4!) and the "lake" of Niagara on the Lake. Oh, and the Michael Kors watch is my anniversary/ Bday gift... someone has good taste!

♥ Callah