Excitement over scrubs... apparently possible.

Ok, minimal updating except for this post.
I was excited to stumble upon the website dailyscrubs.ca where I discovered scrub tops that could actually pass as semi-normal top. I never thought I would be excited over scrubs (except when I was given some free tops last week, thanks Lisa!)
Both ordered in black. I can't wait to not have to wear tents to work!

♥ Callah

Life Update

Ok readers, here is my life update and an explanation why posting may not be frequent for the upcoming weeks! Apologies in advance for being boring.

~I have 5 jobs, and temping at a 6th. Yes, really. The breakdown? Working for two dentists (4 days a week), (occasional) babysitting-slash-chauferring, Avon, energy exchange at a Yoga Studio, and reception-slash-whatever help at my Dad's work.
~Finishing up my 2 courses- 5 weeks to go!
~Research/ writing my Charlemagne presentation for my interview, in addition to planning the trip to London. (flight is booked!)
~being addicted to How I Met Your Mother on tvshack.net.

So, I might be off the grid until the week before Christmas! I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

How do you do your masters and work multiple jobs (Kaitlyn, looking at you)?

To make things more interesting, here is a pic of my sis and I in Cuba- I'm sporting my AA dress, blogged about here, one of the 3 ways I wore it that week.

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Hocus Pocus

I normally am not into Halloween at all, but the movie Hocus Pocus is always watchable! Gotta love 1993 SJP, bleach blond and crazy, and of course Bette Midler breaking into song!

Last Halloween, I had mono. This year I am looking forward to a mono-free, costumeless night.

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Today's gonna be a good day

Not sure if everyone has seen this by now, but it's pretty awesome! I know they keep pulling it off youtube so watch it while you can :P

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Brandon R. Dwyer S/S 2010 Collection

Photos of Brandon Dwyer's new collection at LG Fashion week, by aym photography.

I'm not sure what the proper technical term would be, but I love that seaming- it takes a simple, well-cut LBD to the next level! (click for larger!)

Andi Muise, supermodel and Brandon's BFF, models the finale.

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Yippee! (yup, I said Yippee!)

Cue wild hand flapping a la Love Actually. (Kaitlyn, you know what I'm talking about!)
I got an interview, for the dream job I mentioned here.
Now, I am going to London, England in the new year! Screw school, (temporarily), my dream job is more important. I can always work for a semester.
I have to prepare a 3-minute talk on Charlemagne, and make it interesting for 18-35 year olds. First step is a group interview where we present out talks, and if they like you, you get a personal interview the next day.
I'm figuring, even if it doesn't pan out, perfect excuse to check out London (where I've actually never been despite my travels).

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hair & fashion

I wish to have the hair of this woman featured on Style Quotient.

Also, I am loving the special feature. Finally, info on where the pieces are from! To help me ogle in a more detailed manner.

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That's a new one!

So, here's a new way to try and pick girls up: Ask them out in the courthouse.

Yesterday, I was at the Hamilton Courthouse to take care (or begin the process, anyways) of a speeding ticket. (Oops, it was an honest accident!) Anyways, some guy starting chatting me up, and then asked me out for coffee. Haha, my ticket may have been worse than yours but no way am I going out with a guy I met at court!

Oh, highlight of my day.

♥ Callah


for the cat lovers...

Since the majority of my known blog readers appear to be cat lovers, thought I'd share this etsy link of a friend of mine: organic catnip mice. Too cute!

I've recently stocked up for my kitties but I know where I'll go when I need more!
Cats for life.
♥ Callah


every bit helps

I was excited to receive an email today, about something which I had totally forgotten. Way back last summer, when buying travel insurance through World Nomads I was given the option to donate a small amount to the "Build a Primary School, Pha Ao village" project. I figured why not.

Well, over a year later and the project is complete! It's great to actually see results from something so seemingly small, thats totally been forgotten. It makes me feel good to realize that my small contribution did in fact come together to make something so huge happen for the people benefiting. I chose a Cambodian project for my donation before I even went there, and I'm so glad I did because the people there were just amazing.

♥ Callah

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Whitney Eve, part 2

So, awhile ago I blogged about Whitney Port's spring collection.

Catching up on this weeks episode about Whitney "breaking into the fashion world", a) I was confused, because she has already done two collections this year? b) I was curious as to what her current stuff looks like!

Here's a sample. You can view the Fall/Holiday 2009 collection here. Click for larger.

While some of it is still definitely not my style, I think overall it's definitely improved! I like her fall fabric choices a LOT better than her spring choices. (Quote of the show: It kind of feels like I'm touching a couch".) I love the wrap bow skirt and blazer with belt. There are also some cute dresses as well (not shown in this pic). However, not loving some of the 90s inspired pieces.. that is one era that should not make a comeback. Especially since the next decade isn't even over but hey thats just me!

Interested to see what the Spring 2010 collection brings...!
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Peace out.

(chest pump here).
After a few short hours, to be spent napping (already packed woot!) I shall be off to Cuba.
Sun, sand, Spanish... here I come!
See you next week.
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iPhone facelift!

One of my friends introduced me to the website interfacelift. It's a photo website with loads of wallpapers for not just your computer, but your iPHONE! Here are some faves so far... which is hardly a dent. (All found in the iPhone section).

Last but not least... creepy yet striking image titled "Room without a View".

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I applied for my dream job.
Fingers crossed!

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found photographs

A completely random assortment of fashion, photography and animals.
via BBC. Too freakin cute.


Sloan photography. A really cool wedding day portrait.

via the Cherry Blossom Girl- why cover up your outfit with outerwear when you can show it off?

from MTV. Love the cut-out detail of the blazer, the fabric, the belt- and of course Whitney!
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Nuit Blanche

an iPhone photo journey, co-inciding with entry 200!

And the night begins.

I've already shed multiple layers at this point, hence the disheveled look.

Why yes, I am a bit obsessed. SBux for life.

Monopoly with real money. And yes thats the guy from video on trial.

Still got about another hour before we pack in it. Kudos to Annie for driving all the way back to KW after!

The huge CN Tower project. Pulsating lights, up the ENTIRE tower, set to the beat of music.Nice to chill out with a latte and watch.

This was an excellent night. I only wish I had had more nap beforehand!
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It's finally here, after literally months of anticipation.
Cold weather means uggs (yes it's true!), my new trench and my hand-knit scarf. :) I will make a photographic attempt.
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Go to my other blog, NOW.

You'll thank me for the laugh.

does anyone...

want to give me a quick rundown on grammatical terms? I'm learning spanish and my grade-school english lessons on the definitions of things such as adjective and conjugation are failing me.

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The Mean Kitty Song

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In bloom

So, I stumbled upon an awesome perfume find. Reese Witherspoon (teamed with Avon, actually!) is launching a new fragrance (coming soon). It's called "In Bloom", and they describe it as a "sensual and lush fragrance with a bouquet of gardenia blossoms and lush florals, enveloped in amber wood and peach tea leaves". I was actually expecting the typical heavy florally scents that give me a headache. I was reluctant to even open the packaging.

IT'S AWESOME! I think I might have found my new scent (that I didn't even know i was looking for!) It's light and sweet, and no instant headache like I'm prone to. Doesn't hurt that the bottle is pretty to look at. Yum. I guess you'll have to take a sniff next time you see me!

♥ Callah