Do something everyday regardless. Nothing will happen unless you first initiate a process of cause and effect. This starts with an action. Reawaken the possibility of possibility. Reawaken it with play. -David Horvitz

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Happy 2010

New year, new camera. Pardon the splotchy mirror, daddy-o is renovating!
BF Blazer: Suzy Shier
Tank: Glassons (New Zealand)
Leggings: Mossimo
Camera: Canon Rebel XSi
...better go accessorize!

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I was actually not particularly excited about NYE this year, until I figured out my outfit just now. (Last NYE was at a house party on the Sydney Harbour... hence my lack of excitement!)

I've decided on my new boyfriend blazer, a black satin tank (New Zealand purchase that I just rediscovered, along with a bunch of jewelery!) and black leggings with my amazing Oxfords. I've got my Pink Bubbles chilling... New Years tradition :)

What are you wearing?

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I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar

I love Robyn. Ever since her first album, just before I moved to Milton, I've been a fan. There are a few albums that totally transport me to certain points of my backpacking trip, and her self-titled album fits the bill.
I was excited to find this new song by I Blame Coco (whom I've actually never heard of before.). Love it!!

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar

I BLÅME COCO | MySpace Music Videos

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Snowy Delights

It's easy for the cold temperatures and grey skies to be depressing in the winter. I always love the beauty snow creates, however! These are my fave pics are from The Boston Globe's Snowy Scenes photo special- check them all out here.

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Happy Xmas

From my kitty. Click for glorious kitty detail.
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Canon XSi, you are mine.
One less course this semester, so be it!

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Acquisition in progress.

This will soon be mine, thanks to a crafty friend. Ooh cozy alpaca, I wish to wear you in London.

Happy Holidays, guys!

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500 Days of Summer was released for sale today.
For all the lovers of Zooey out there.

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Had to share this "Christmas scene" from a cat of impossible colour.
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Holiday Cheer for me

I just found out today that one of my really good travel friends I met in NZ, and subsequently traveled the East Coast of Australia with, is going to be in London at the same time as I am for an interview. (She lives in Scotland). And additionally, part of my Wellington, NZ "cooking club" crew (we took turns cooking dinner for each other) might make the trip down as well! So, not one but THREE reunions are taking shape for January! Exciting :)

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The Oxford Booties!

Sorry for the delay. Here are my new fave shoes!
featuring the epic anklet that I've had on for over a year. (you aren't supposed to remove them, until they fall off- it's bad luck).

Now, I'm probably going to hibernate for a little bit. Someone let me know when the holidays are over, argh!
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Olympic torch has come and gone~

Well, the day finally arrived! To be honest, I think the whole Olympic thing is more exciting to me than Christmas.
My friends and I helped hand out passes for the yoga studio I do an energy exchange for. (Anyone want a free hot yoga class in Milton? I have extras!)
The flame being passed on...

Afterwards, we got to touch not one but TWO of the torches! The torchbearers were very accomodating!

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"other university fees"

Today I was checking out the breakdown of my winter semester tuition fees.

Apparently all students are charged for "Vagina Monologues".
Um, what?
They better be free.
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Canadian blog-readers...

Another "gift" via Starbucks and iTunes- click here to get a Starbucks 20 song sampler playlist! I just deleted the app after since the disclaimer is that it can access you and your friends facebook info. Argh!

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Pulse Perfection

As a mascara fiend (the one product where I am a slave to advertising and marketing), I was excited when the vibrating mascara by Maybelline came out months back. Thanks to Vero, who hooked me up so I could finally give it a test run. Well! After multiple attempts I finally seem to have got my technique right. I'm not sure why, but I was having major issues with clumping, and it taking forever to dry and getting all over my eyes- both with and without the vibrations. I had to physically separate the lashes, but the colour is really dark and it lasts a lot longer on me than a lot of mascaras- my face is not an ideal canvas, makeup just seems to slide right off.
This morning, I was telling my mom all of my trouble right before application- lo and behold, I finally got it right with no tweaking. I have to train myself not to zig zag when using the pulsation, and it finally separated them perfectly.

Pros: Darkest black, long lasting, good separation when technique perfected.
Cons: Can make a huge mess, clump easily, takes a long time to dry, smears really easily when wet (note to self: remove before hot yoga), not the most volumizing formula in the world.

Anyone want a $5 off coupon?

Next on the list to try: new Cover Girl (oops I had the wrong brand before!) formula with nylon! Ah, such a sucker.

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Eavesdropping on college boys in a coffee shop is hilarious, especially when they're talking about girls. "Is she hot?" - "Yeah man, SO hot."
One exam down, one to go. At least no more work...! I have literally spent this whole day studying with a quick break to FINISH my Xmas shopping. I hate malls in December.
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I hate that exams follow pretty much the only full time work I've had all year. I feel SO underprepared.
Oxford Bootie post later, when stress has reduced (temporarily) enough to photograph. They are GORGEOUS.
Thanks Annie!
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Happy Holidays, blog readers!

(click to enlarge and print coupon for SDM)
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Apparently it "feels like" -20C out right now. THAT'S why I was so cold walking to my car at school today. BCers... jealous?
At least I don't like in the NWT like my cousin!!
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Harajuku Lovers!

My friend Apryl is very crafty in her kitchen. I was psyched to see her creation for my birthday tonight- a Japanese style, Harajuku/ Kimmidoll inspired creation! Delicious AND gorgeous. Cutest cake ever! ♥

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This day last year...

Pink party was in full swing in Vietnam. (Other countries really like theme parties).

This resulted in a terrible hangover for a 9 hour bus ride, and consuming a tiny bit mystery meat doused in chili sauce for lunch.

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Should I...

be responsible and use Bday/ xmas money to pay off debt, or buy the Canon Rebel XSi which I've been coveting at least since the summer? And is on sale....!

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Found photographs- mini edition

Northern Lights, photographed by my cousin in Yellowknife NWT

Halloween sorcery (yes I've had this one a while)
Antwerp Architecture

photos by The Cherry Blossom Girl

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Apparently this is Zooey Deschanel. I seriously cannot even make her out in there!
(click to enlarge) Reblogged from the English muse
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New Zealand finally gave me my money.

They tried to rip me off, but I wasn't having any. Got my tax refund for 2007/8. Score! (perfect timing too).
Off to the bank!

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I kind of made up, a little, for my PAD slacking.

I also heard that Jack Johnson song on the radio and it made me want to watch Curious George. I had a lunch tin (as a purse) in high school. it was brilliant.

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I found myself doodling... CHRISTMAS DOODLES. (That sounded kind of weird).
If you know me, you know I'm kind of a scrooge. So this is odd.
I think sleep deprivation is getting to me.

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Whatcha Say

I love the song "Whatcha Say" by "Jason Derulo" (in quotes for a reason). Similar to the Eminem-Dido song, it's really the OTHER song that totally makes it.

I fell in love with the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap after watching the movie The Last Kiss a few years back. I've never seen the video until now, I did not picture her looking like that for some reason! Watch it here, embedding is disabled.

What do you think?

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Proust (edited)

This is very coincidental, seeing as I just read Vanity Fair, which is a rare occurence, and saw this. Since it's been going around again (Paish, Vero & Victoria!) I figured I'd give it a go.

Also: I just noticed Vero/Paish had more detail so I'm redoing it by adding in all the extras.

WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT STATE OF MIND? Stressed and looking forward to December 18th.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE OCCUPATION?(WAY OF SPENDING TIME)? Taking a nap in the afternoon with my kitty.
WHICH LIVING PERSON DO YOU MOST ADMIRE? Anyone who dedicates their time to making the world a better place for those less fortunate.
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE FICTIONAL HERO? The Count of Monte Cristo (does that count?)
WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU HAPPIEST? Any new city where I was wandering down the streets, or stopping in a cafe and taking in the surroundings.
WHAT IS YOUR MOST OBVIOUS CHARACTERISTIC? Sarcasm & humour. (sarcastic humour?)
WHAT IS THE TRAIT YOU MOST DEPLORE (HATE) IN YOURSELF? That I have a hard time not stressing insignificant things. Working on it.
WHAT DO YOU MOST DISLIKE ABOUT YOUR APPEARANCE? Nothing that can't be changed with time. (growing out a reverse mullet, anyone?)
WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER THE MOST OVER-RATED VIRTUE? Prudence. Since I had to look it up.
ON WHAT OCCASION DO YOU LIE? When I tell my patients I floss every day, or when it's for someone elses good.
WHICH WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVER-USE? Eh. Leftover Aussie slang, "How ya goin?" and "I concur".
IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I wouldn't have to work out to get where I want to be!
WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT? Getting over my shyness through the years enough to travel for 18 months solo.
WHAT IS THE QUALITY YOU MOST ADMIRE IN A MAN? A take-charge attitude (to an extent. I mean, planning a date is NOT difficult.)
WHAT IS THE QUALITY YOU MOST ADMIRE IN A WOMAN? Confidence- not putting up with anyone else's BS.
WHAT IS IT YOU MOST DISLIKE? People who douse their food in ketchup. Ew. And smoking.
WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST IN YOUR FRIENDS? Honesty, someone who "has my back".
HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO DIE? In my sleep (but at a hospital, so no one would have to "find" me.)
WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO (WORDS YOU LIVE BY OR THAT MEAN A LOT TO YOU)? "Live your dream, don't dream your life"
WHO HAS BEEN THE GREATEST INFLUENCE ON YOU? The person that had the biggest effect on my life was the co-worker who suggested going to Europe on my holiday. Started an unstoppable chain of events!

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Private Lives of Pippa Lee

My sister brought a book called "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" when we went to Cuba. (Let's not get into my book choices for that trip- very non-beachy, heavy reads for sure!)
Anyways, here is the trailer:
starring Blake Lively as the young Pippa. But Keanu, really? I'm not fully impressed by the trailer, but if we can actually find a local theatre playing it, we'll see it.

♥ Callah
P.S. Miss everyone in Vic!


Recording a Spanish dialogue is nerve-wracking. Especially when the mic pics up your nervous breathing, and you know the TA/prof will hear it.

The upside is, I'm done. Now I can enjoy the weekend in BC (well, except when I'm ON the plane, doing homework.) Fingers crossed standby is not full!

Cool: volunteering for the Salvation Army Christmas kettles in Milton. I may not have money, but I have time.

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Please design a logo for me. With pie charts. For free.

This is hilarious, if you read all the way to the bottom!

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T-Dot State of Mind

Kiss 92.5 plays this more than the original version.

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No-life update.

I am working on draft for my oral test (there is no good way to word that. I hope my blog readers don't have their minds in the gutter!) for Spanish. I need to speak for a minimum of 2 minutes and 45 seconds (max 3 mins)... and it is NOT easy coming up with that much Spanish to speak! The question I chose to answer was about my courses this semester. I am needing a lot of fluff to fill the time!

Just re-watched the promo for Nine. It looks good, but I have a hard time taking Kate Hudson seriously in that role... anyone else?


North Pole Sunset

Today's Horvitz: google North Pole Sunset.

Result: source

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Olympic Torch is Coming to Milton

Is it lame that I want to take the day off work to watch?

On Saturday, December 19, 2009, the Town of Milton will proudly welcome the Olympic Torch. Residents will have a chance to experience the Olympic Flame in person as it passes through our town and makes its way towards the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Miltonians can participate in the lead-up to the Winter Games by joining special community celebrations and activities for the visit of the Olympic Torch, which will include a free pancake breakfast being organized by the Milton Canada Day Committee and free recreational skating at certain times that day. For security reasons, the detailed Olympic Flame route will only be publicized two weeks before its arrival in Milton. Watch local newspapers and this page for further details on the route, timing and associated events.

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A great Christmas!

Just a quick update:
Spent the weekend having a family Christmas in Ottawa. (Seriously). My cousin, who lives in Yellowknife, was visiting and it was the first time we've all been together in years! It was an awesome weekend, mostly spent hibernating with the family.

I "stole" this picture from my aunt- we stopped at my Aunt Melissa & Uncle Colin's new apartment in Kingston- it's a 200 year old haunted building- in fact the starting point for ghost tours, which i will definitely be embarking on when i visit. We stopped by on our way home, and had dinner at one of the THREE pubs on the ground floor. Such a cozy place, dark wood and thick glass windows... it would be the perfect place for a pint in a snowstorm!!

Life has been crazy as expected with work. I have to admit I've been slacking on school. I actually have the whole weekend off (and nowhere to go!) so I will definitely be catching up before Annie and I visit Victoria in two weeks!

♥ Callah


What She Wore- Paish's bday edition

I can't remember who, but someone blogged about winter shorts a while back... that was my inspiration!

Cardi: mark. ,tank: Target, shorts: Garage (and my sister), tights: Kmart, boots: American Eagle (by Payless)


As spotted on Style Quotient, I am coveting these Rachel Comey for UO oxfords. They are on sale online right now... should I make the splurge? Could I pull them off with grey dress pants for my interview in January?


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It's time.

The red cup comes out tomorrow, along with the holiday lattes - gingerbread, eggnog and peppermint mocha (my fave!). I'll have to go for one last pumpkin latte which is presumably on the way out (when the syrup runs out, anyways!)

Also, splurged on my first pair of full-length lulu's (only own capris!) seeing as I now work at a yoga studio. The things that excite me.

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Excitement over scrubs... apparently possible.

Ok, minimal updating except for this post.
I was excited to stumble upon the website dailyscrubs.ca where I discovered scrub tops that could actually pass as semi-normal top. I never thought I would be excited over scrubs (except when I was given some free tops last week, thanks Lisa!)
Both ordered in black. I can't wait to not have to wear tents to work!

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Life Update

Ok readers, here is my life update and an explanation why posting may not be frequent for the upcoming weeks! Apologies in advance for being boring.

~I have 5 jobs, and temping at a 6th. Yes, really. The breakdown? Working for two dentists (4 days a week), (occasional) babysitting-slash-chauferring, Avon, energy exchange at a Yoga Studio, and reception-slash-whatever help at my Dad's work.
~Finishing up my 2 courses- 5 weeks to go!
~Research/ writing my Charlemagne presentation for my interview, in addition to planning the trip to London. (flight is booked!)
~being addicted to How I Met Your Mother on tvshack.net.

So, I might be off the grid until the week before Christmas! I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

How do you do your masters and work multiple jobs (Kaitlyn, looking at you)?

To make things more interesting, here is a pic of my sis and I in Cuba- I'm sporting my AA dress, blogged about here, one of the 3 ways I wore it that week.

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Hocus Pocus

I normally am not into Halloween at all, but the movie Hocus Pocus is always watchable! Gotta love 1993 SJP, bleach blond and crazy, and of course Bette Midler breaking into song!

Last Halloween, I had mono. This year I am looking forward to a mono-free, costumeless night.

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Today's gonna be a good day

Not sure if everyone has seen this by now, but it's pretty awesome! I know they keep pulling it off youtube so watch it while you can :P

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Brandon R. Dwyer S/S 2010 Collection

Photos of Brandon Dwyer's new collection at LG Fashion week, by aym photography.

I'm not sure what the proper technical term would be, but I love that seaming- it takes a simple, well-cut LBD to the next level! (click for larger!)

Andi Muise, supermodel and Brandon's BFF, models the finale.

♥ Callah


Yippee! (yup, I said Yippee!)

Cue wild hand flapping a la Love Actually. (Kaitlyn, you know what I'm talking about!)
I got an interview, for the dream job I mentioned here.
Now, I am going to London, England in the new year! Screw school, (temporarily), my dream job is more important. I can always work for a semester.
I have to prepare a 3-minute talk on Charlemagne, and make it interesting for 18-35 year olds. First step is a group interview where we present out talks, and if they like you, you get a personal interview the next day.
I'm figuring, even if it doesn't pan out, perfect excuse to check out London (where I've actually never been despite my travels).

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hair & fashion

I wish to have the hair of this woman featured on Style Quotient.

Also, I am loving the special feature. Finally, info on where the pieces are from! To help me ogle in a more detailed manner.

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That's a new one!

So, here's a new way to try and pick girls up: Ask them out in the courthouse.

Yesterday, I was at the Hamilton Courthouse to take care (or begin the process, anyways) of a speeding ticket. (Oops, it was an honest accident!) Anyways, some guy starting chatting me up, and then asked me out for coffee. Haha, my ticket may have been worse than yours but no way am I going out with a guy I met at court!

Oh, highlight of my day.

♥ Callah


for the cat lovers...

Since the majority of my known blog readers appear to be cat lovers, thought I'd share this etsy link of a friend of mine: organic catnip mice. Too cute!

I've recently stocked up for my kitties but I know where I'll go when I need more!
Cats for life.
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every bit helps

I was excited to receive an email today, about something which I had totally forgotten. Way back last summer, when buying travel insurance through World Nomads I was given the option to donate a small amount to the "Build a Primary School, Pha Ao village" project. I figured why not.

Well, over a year later and the project is complete! It's great to actually see results from something so seemingly small, thats totally been forgotten. It makes me feel good to realize that my small contribution did in fact come together to make something so huge happen for the people benefiting. I chose a Cambodian project for my donation before I even went there, and I'm so glad I did because the people there were just amazing.

♥ Callah

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