summer* sun (*spring)

I did something this weekend I don't often do - booked the WHOLE weekend off from teaching, just because. I had four full, glorious days to enjoy the rare gorgeous, sunshiney long weekend, also coinciding with James' and my one-year anniversary.

Cookng up tofu for the first time. YUMMY stir-fry with General tao sauce. 

Bowling!! I actually broke 100 and got second place (a mere 2 points behind) in one game!

Frank - James won him for me :)

All dressed up for our anniversary dinner on the lakeshore. Actually wearing this to a wedding too but probably with straight hair, looking at this picture!

Terrible self-portrait!

Burlington lakeshore

Sunday- picnic day!


Enjoying every minute of the sun!

My man's a stud. 

Cool kite.

New summer dresses.

I also did a TRX class and tried tennis for the first time, so it was a very active weekend. I definitely need some practice with the tennis but it was a lot of fun! I feel so relaxed and not ready at all to get back to work tomorrow! How were your weekends?

♥ Callah