Art in many forms

Just thought I'd share with you all what stares at us as we walk downstairs each time. I have no idea who this is by, sorry, my aunt purchased it (at a "real art" price no less!). She's been moving around so we got the aquisition. It's defo kind of creepy but I love love love the shading.

AND.. some more pics. Laos again this time.

It's incredible how much effort they put into their Buddha representations of all forms. Paintings, statues, the ornate temples... I'll post some temples soon.

♥ Callah


isavirtue said...

the picture in your house actually reminds me of an artist i met (and would consider buying her artwork). check her out

♥ Callah said...

I see what you mean- she has a lot of really cool pieces!

Penelope said...

Whoa!!! There's my Zilon painting!!!

Zilon was as a graffiti artist in Montreal before moving to canvas and other mediums.

The painting is called 'Negatif', (which as you know is written all over her face in pencil). There was a coordinating piece called 'Positif' that was sky blue with a similarly shaped male face. I believe both pieces were originally for an AIDS benefit.

She definitely holds her own in a room! I miss her...