News: Khmer Rouge

Something that caught my attention on the news: Comrade Duch, a "chief torturer in the Khmer Rouge", is on trial for his crimes against humanity 30 years after the fact.

"between 1976-79 he ran the Khmer Rouge's most secret security facility, a jail called Secret Police Office 21, or S-21."

I visited the site of s-21 while in Cambodia, which is now set up as a museum to make people aware of the horrors the Cambodians experienced. Unfortunately (or, fortunately?) I was so ill from some sort of food at the time that I got in, then turned around and walked out to sleep on the bus. (The pic was taken while I was debating if I could stand. It's for real.)

"According to the indictment prepared by the court's investigating judges every prisoner sent to Duch was automatically condemned to death or – in the language of the Khmer Rouge – "absolutely had to be smashed". It alleges that even if prisoners were innocent they had to be "smashed" to preserve the secrecy of S-21. "

Source: UK Telegraph

It's a bit of a grim thing to post but after experiencing the country firsthand, I am happy they are finally getting some closure. The really messed up thing about this Hitler-style regime is that they targeted educated people- for the reasons that uneducated would not "go against" the new political party.

I'm so glad the Cambodians have rebounded so well after this! It was one of my fave countries.

♥ Callah