Japanese Cherry Blossom Tatt

While looking for inspiration to redecorate my bedroom, I randomly stumbled across this blog.

I think this tattoo is so gorgeous. I love tattoos, and I love Japanese Cherry Blossoms. The technique on this is brilliant- what a talented artist!!


♥ Callah


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome tattoo! It inspires me to get my own!

Anonymous said...

hii im michelle

am.. i have a few friends who made a tatto about this flower(sakura)
and i really want to know what it means..
i mean ..what about it?
answer please

♥ Callah said...


kim said...

love Japanese art and things like this and lotuses. I have a lotus tattoo and thought of getting cherry blossom like this, but sometimes when I look at it at first glance or from peripheral vision, it almost looks like a really bad varicose problem or rash or something ( I guess because of the pink/red combo)

Alice said...

just wondering if you could tell us who did the tattoo and maybe if they have a website