NYC... fave pics.

Ok, so I took about a million pics in NYC. More to come, but here are my fave shots of mine first!
Sunset over the WTC site.

Imagine. Flowers at Strawberry Fields, Central Park.

My first glimpse of Coney Island through the window of the train.

A hungry squirrel in Brooklyn.

Some lazy pidgeons waiting for the Staten Island Ferry.

Lady Liberty at sunset, as viewed from the Staten Island Ferry.

Flowers and fountains at the Bowling Green.

A rainy day in NYC. The black umbrellas come out!!

Bye bye, NYC. Awesome views from the window seat. (Thanks mom!)

All the photos were by moi!
♥ Callah


isavirtue said...

fantastic pics shoon.

funny note on umbrellas in nyc - when sam and i were there last it started to rain and we just thought it was the CRAZIEST THING because everyone suddenly pulled umbrellas out of their asses. seriously, like, everyone had one the moment it started raining - we had to stop and buy one at a convenience store.

Veronicahhh said...

that first photo is sensational.