To NYC I go...

photo thanks to Google from this site

In a few short hours, I will be heading to the airport with my mom... destination, NYC! My long-awaited trip to see my aunt & uncle before they move back to Canada. Yay for free accommodation!

on the to-do list:
♥The Met
♥Top of the Rock
♥Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the CHERRY BLOSSOMS!
+ lots of window-shopping and free-gallery hopping!

I will be back Tuesday evening, hopefully with a few good things to show off (budget- or lack thereof- permitting).

Ta ta!
♥ Callah


Veronicahhh said...

gahhh jealous! have fun!

must recommend the natural history museum. they have a scale model of a blue whale hanging in an atrium gallery. and dinosaurs. AMAZING.

kay karim said...

sound like fun...
just dropping by..