Sky Shots

I seem to have accumulated a few different crazy sky shots on my iPhone, so I decided I'd share them.
a weird cloud formation on my way home last week.

Nice sunset driving home from work.

These clouds were at the exact moment we had a crazy wind storm breaking a 30-year record for wind speeds. It was honestly how I'd imagine a tornado, minus a funnel cloud!

Blurry pic, but this was so weird- a huge dark cloud hovering over a dusky sky.

♥ Callah


isavirtue said...

i read somewhere...or heard from someone...likely veronica...that there is this guy who took a picture of the sky every day for a whole year...he would send them to people and now they are being made into a book or something....right. good story.

isavirtue said...

oh - i just realized i read it in one of her blog posts. silly me.

isavirtue said...

NOW i just realized that's what led you to sign up for that guy's daily email.

isavirtue said...

holy...and you even commented on her post.i really need to read my blogs in a more organized fashion.

♥ Callah said...

lol! I did actually think of this post before I read about David Horvitz... i was just delayed in actually getting it done thanks to the pains that are reformatting a computer and reinstalling EVERYTHING. Gurr.