my forever art

Ok, by request!
My tatts from oldest to newest, and why they're there.
Centaur- Saggitarius. I found this in the horoscopes section of a teen girl magazine and had the artist modify it to my liking. I was 16! I didn't realize it was so worn looking, it doesn't photograph well. it's on my low back (7 years old) and I tend to forget about it! The artist went to jail for being involved in a high speed police chase for crack posession. Nice.

My palm tree (left hip). I actually drew this myself based on a perfume logo. Thanks, Avon. I love tropical places so this reminds me of my "happy place".

Birds in Flight. This one was a google image of real birds! I LOVE travel, and these birds symbolize travel and freedom to me.

Lastly, my family tree (ok, vine). I also designed this one (and my artist freehanded the awesome vines). Each flower represents my immediate family, and their birthstones- we have a lot of September babies! The bigger flowers are my rents, then my siblings, and I'm last since I'm the baby. I got this a week before I went on my backpacking trip- my bro got the Chinese symbol for family at the same time. Some of it is faded thanks to lots of walking during the healing phase.

Steve at Stigmata in Guelph did both of my foot tatts and I will never go to anyone else again! His work has held up the best by far.

Hope you like! If you don't... whatever lol. I love em!
♥ Callah