Not so gaga for Gaga

Dear Lady Gaga,
By making us wait nearly 3 hours for you (thank goodness we were late), and only providing a mediocre DJ whose turntables stopped working after half an hour and no opening acts, you nearly ruined the show.
Your 'arty' videos about 'Candy Warhol' while creative, were not suited to the concert environment. And your incessant talking between songs was rambling and very annoying... because you do it between EVERY SONG.
Thank goodness when you actually stopped the verbal diarrhea and performed, it was it was excellent. You did not fail to impress me with art-inspired, sculptured outfits and lots of sparkles. Those factors improved the show enough for a passing review...
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Apryl and I, before the show

So, people didn't like waiting.

She held her arm out like that for the whole opening song, Paparazzi

I recognize that! Blogged here

"I'm just a bitch with bubbles"

My arty shot. She had a matching bubble piano.

She came out wearing those TV glasses.

Luckily, non-smart people thought she was done, so we got even closer. "Did you actually think I wouldn't sing Poker Face?" Um, maybe... you made us wait 3 hours! Note the "GA GA" nipple covers.

The whole crew

Ok, I tried to upload a video but it's been working for hours... I give up, turning the lappy off for the night! I'll try again for the video later.

♥ Callah