jumping on the bandwagon...

Callah in 3D

sneakers / my new Sauconys for workout purposes only.
shoes /haviana thongs or my AE flats.
jeans /some Australian brand.
t-shirt / i hate t-shirts.
bag /spring.
wallet / Vietnamese "Chanel".
watch / hell no. When traveling, disposable cheapies- went though 4 in 6 weeks.
sunglasses / umm.. again cheapies cause I lose them all the time. Current pair also Vietnamese.
jewellery / Whatever accumulated while traveling abroad.
tv / the big one downstairs.
cellular phone / iPhone.
mp3 / I want a shuffle for working out.
make-up / CG, Joe and Benefit.
deodorant / Lady Speedstick Clinical Strength
toothpaste / Colgate Sensitive.
shampoo / Biolage.
soap / foaming Bath & Body Works- especially Cherry Blossom.
mineral water / Anything filtered.
wine / Sauv Blanc for whites and Shiraz for reds. Anything goes.
food / cheeseburgers and and anything involving ranch dressing.
candy / dark chocolate.
hairdresser / Ugh, NOT the chick from the Loft. (changed my mind lol)

♥ Callah