The Cellist of Sarajevo

So, after reading LA Candy I needed something a bit more serious to balance it out!
The plot: taking place during the Bosnian genocide, the novel is set in Sarajevo. It follows four characters: A cellist, who plays at the point of impact where a mortar killed 22 people waiting for bread, for 22 days, a sniper, who is assigned to protect the cellist, and two other civilian characters experiencing the trials of living in a city under seige.

Verdict: recommended. In combination with my current essay (on the Rwandan genocide) this book makes me realize why countries such as our own get involved in peacekeeping missions. The characters really grab you, and draw you into the experience. It isn't too long either, so while it's not light material, it once again is a quick read, which is always a good thing. Good writing.

♥ Callah