LA Candy

I've read a crapload of books lately so I've decided to start reviewing some of them on here.

First up... LA Candy by Lauren Conrad! Yes it's true. I will point out my sister bought it, not me! lol.

The basic plot is that two young girls move to LA, but they AREN'T looking to make it big. They randomly get approached about being in a reality show, based on their lives. It focuses on the perks and disadvantages of being a relaity TV star, and of course their relationships, both with "cute guys" and each other. There are some devious co-stars making things difficult for the two main characters.

So, it's the first in a 3-part series of "teen fiction". (which has never stopped me... Harry Potter or Twilight anyone?) The bad thing about this is that the book just cuts off at the end- no closure, it'll just pick up exactly - like the sentence after- where it left off in the next book. Kind of like a two-part episode... with a much longer wait time!

But onto the story itself. Lauren isn't actually a bad writer, although her descriptions of every single character's outfit in every scene probably aren't necessary to the plot. It's actually quite interested to find out the reality of "reality", since this plot is suspiciously close to Lauren's actual life story. It's also kind of fun to guess which real-life personality the characters might be modeled after.

The verdict: Only pick this up if you plan on reading all three books in the series. It's a perfect summer read, very quick & easy to get through. If you've ever wondered about what The Hills stars lives are really like, this is a great insiders view.

♥ Callah