The CN Tower

So, apparently I was a deprived child and I've never been up the CN Tower OR to the CNE. I remedied one today, and the other is on the way. These are pics from my first trip ever up the CN Tower! I went solo so bear with the selfies (or "GPOYs", in BC terminology!)
Yes, I'll answer to Godzilla.

His smile is kind of creeping me out!

I'm heeeeeeeeeere!

Really, really effin high up! I'm an old pro at glass floors though, after the Auckland tower!

Soooooo windy. That is my excuse for the hair :-P

Toronto actually looks pretty from this view!

My Aunt Melissa told me to wave at her in her condo, so I did. Photographic evidence!

Cue "I'm on top of the World" (The City theme song)

Going down down down... (I have that song stuck in my head... you know, the one with Lil Wayne)

♥ Callah