Harbourfront Art

I've been busy this week driving the kids my sister usually babysits (nannies?) to the Harbourfront every morning this week for day camp. I took a few minutes this morning to check out the art in the area- it's very cool! This first few pics below are the Simcoe WaveDeck- there are 3 in total along the harbourfront, variations of the same idea (and one more coming). They are quite new, this one being the most recent. I remember reading about this one in the paper a few weeks back so it was cool to experience it myself. They still smell of new lumber- yum!

Turtles are cute (well, the ones that aren't scary), so this is cool.

This is called "Respect", "a photo odyssey celebrating Canada's Boreal Forest"- loads of aerial photographs. It's spread throughout the Harbourfront Centre.
And, this one's for Annie.

♥ Callah


is a virtue said...

although i think it might fascinate kids more, i would love to walk on that deck. i love that picture for annie!!

♥ Callah said...

yup, I had a quick go at it myself but I wasn't prepared to slide down it like the kids were doing!

iheartpaish said...

I love it!!!

Veronicahhh said...

that looks like the most amazing skatepark ever envisioned. sick!