On MLIA (noticing a trend? Now that school's..out...for SUMMER! (sorry, had to!) I've been an avid MLIA reader. I came across this website: How To Tell if our Cat is Plotting to Kill You. Not sure if it's my exhaustion but I was literally laughing out loud. Defo click. I'm going to take the quiz now!!

♥ Callah


Victoria said...


Made my day..the stare! Hahahaha

is a virtue said...

THIS IS AWESOME. If you know my family cat you know it's been plotting to kill me for years and has NOT tried to hide it. Molly is one mean mean kitten. My death is gonna be huge!

♥ Callah said...

Apparently there is an 87% chance Cooper is trying to kill me. I guess when i wake up and he is lying on me, he's actually trying to squeeze the life out of me.