look to the skies

Fitting, since I'm taking contemporary astronomy next semester. And I'm excited! Saw one meteorite tonight, I'll be on full lookout tomorrow!

"Weather-permitting, tonight and tomorrow night should offer a great chance to see some celestial activity as the annual Perseid meteor shower hits its peak.

The Perseid shower happens when the Earth passes through debris left from the Swift-Tuttle comet which last came this way in 1992.

You can follow meteor sightings on Twitter at #perseid or #meteorwatch. NASA offers some advice for the best viewing. For aspiring amateur astronomers, cnet.com lists some useful websites to help you get started.

photo: A Perseid meteor streaks towards the horizon during the annual Persied meteor shower in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Aug. 12, 2008. (Doug Murray/Reuters)"
♥ Callah


is a virtue said...

your blog has been very weather focused lately, lol

♥ Callah said...

well i wouldn't classify THIS one as weather but yes, yes it has. Cause it never freakin stops storming here! Maybe my calling in life is a forecaster or weathergirl.

Veronicahhh said...

too cool. my bf took astronomy for non-astronomers during his BA, and he regales me with space/meteorological info all the time, it's excellent!