The Proposal

As per Paish's request, the lowdown on how my sister got engaged. (Sorry, Annie!)
Apparently her fiance (not boyfriend, as I keep wanting to say!) has been waiting for a few weeks. He wanted to do it whil they were camping a few weeks back, but my parents went away for a week before he had had a chance to speak to my dad (who, incidentally, DIDN'T tell me... FYI, I can keep secrets!)
Anyways, yesterday they went to the driving range, and after they had shot all their balls (or whatever you call it- clearly I don't golf) he pulled the ring out of his pocket (it got stuck the first attempt, luckily she wasn't looking) and got down on one knee. Her response: "Are you fu*%ing kidding me?" Twice. Then, "Of course!"
So, the end. They will be getting married in April or May 2011, likely in Mexico. As the Maid of Honour and a seasoned traveler I'll be helping sort out the location!

♥ Callah