Time for a mini-vacay.

Well, I say "mini" but it's a week and a half. To me, anything without a flight can't be considered a full fledged vacation- but I've got a good mix of car, bus and rail travel, all booked for a few weeks time.
Where, you say? Eastwards, to Ottawa, Quebec City, and Montreal!

I have family in Ottawa, friends in Montreal, and Quebec City is all by my lonesome... to make new friends, perhaps! I can't wait to explore the old town in Quebec, which will bring back memories of my grade 8 trip no doubt.

And sadly, I don't think I've ever been to Montreal... but that means it will be a whole new experience! And yes, I am welcoming suggestions (hint, hint!)

I'm very excited. It's high time I explored my OWN country for a change!

♥ Callah
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