Coming soon...

Will blog soon. I've got to upload photos from my trip, but sleep comes first. Let's just say I did enough partying and staying out late to catch a cold. I sound pretty rough.
Highlights include:
-Light show/video on parliament hill
-a free Cirque du Soleil show in the streets of Quebec City
-walking down and up 400+ stairs at a waterfall just outside of Quebec
-hiking up a mountain in the middle of Montreal. Bun of steel anyone?
-drinking on the hills of the Plains of Abraham late at night
-a wicked-cool apartment building spotted in Montreal (you'll see what i mean when I post the pic!)

Non-photographed highlights of the trip include:
-2 new pairs of sunglasses from Aldo Accessories. I have a design idea for an evolved sunglasses case. The arms alway scratch my lenses. BOO.
-Visiting the Hull casino... TWO nights in a row!
-Just chillin with my family. ♥
-driving for my first time downtown Ottawa!
-gorgeous old buildings in Montreal of which i failed to photograph. Sad, but stunning!
-an unexpected day working at my aunt's dental office in Ottawa. Good way to help fund the trip!

Lastly. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
♥ Callah