Define me...

As per Vero's suggestion for a new urban dictionary definition, how would you describe "Shoon"?
Paish started it off in her homage. cute, chatty, courageous and incredibly smart. I like where this is going... continue guys! :-P

♥ Callah


is a virtue said...

well, i can offer what i think is probably the real reason behind the nickname:

shoon: a twisted version of "shawn," applied not to a male named shawn but to a female name "shawna" who refuses to accept "shawn" as an appropriate nickname; sometimes a cover-up for the mistake of pronouncing "shawn"
example: "as i was just saying to shaaw...oooon..."

either that or we were drunk 15 year olds and just couldn't pronounce "shawna."

♥ Callah said...

lol. seems quite accurate!