Kings of Leon

Alrighty! So it's been over a week since the KOL show and I love them more than ever! The concert (in Hamilton, at Copps Coliseum), was absolutely BRILLIANT. They opened with the first track on their newest album (Only by the Night), "Closer". I LOVE the riff of this song and was so glad they opened with it... definitely a good way to generate a screaming crowd!

They didn't play much old stuff, which was ok because I'm only familiar with the two most recent CDs (for now!). Their last CD, Because of the Times, reminds me of chilling out in my dorm in Wellington, New Zealand when I lived/worked there. Good times.

I can't remember being in a crowd going so crazy screaming their heads off before. It was incredible. I love the energy you get from that! They performed amazingly, and sound very true to what their albums sound like- all in all it was incredible (aside from the girl 2 seats down tossing her cookies ALL over the floor and getting dangerously close to my shoes. Oh well, at least I was not the unfortunate people in front whose jackets got splashed. Big coincidence, that was actually one of my college classmates sisters boyfriends who got the short end of the stick on that one!)

Here are a couple shots:

This is my "Holy crap Apryl, the car is moving and you're taking a picture" smile.

Sexiest voice EVER.

Rocker chic.

♥ Callah