Musee des beaux-arts du Quebec.

I arrived in Quebec City this evening after a long day of travel. Luckily the Quebec-Montreal and Montreal-Ottawa sectors will be much quicker!
Just walking around the city, I've already fallen in love with it! the buildings and old architecture are gorgeous. The fact that I'm on top of a hill makes for stunning views (although not such nice walks up from the train station!)
Not much of the touristy sights were open after 5-6pm, so I headed to the Musee des beaux-arts du Quebec, which is open late on Wednesdays. It was a bonus to find out the permanent collections, revolving around Quebecois artists, is free. That was enough to keep me occupied for the evening! Some snaps:

This was pretty neat- its a video of people holding a mirror, reflecting people viewing the art and trying to stand completely still. It was filmed exactly where the TV is placed, one on each end of the room.

From the Group of Seven- Alexander Young Jackson- "Hillside, St. Tite des Caps"

I loved this fresco. Jean-Paul Riopelle, "L'Hommage a Rosa Luxemburg".

A close up of one of the panels.

Even the light fixtures (ok, singular) were incredible. Claudie Gagnon, "Lustre". Click for larger.

The pic of this is too blurry for me to read. It's titled "Algonquins" but I can't make out the artist!

♥ Callah