Reasons why I'm in a great mood.

-Autumn is officially in the air. Ok, I know you guys have been posting about autumn already... but the leaves are changing, even falling, nights are getting cool... it may not be Sep 21 yet, but it's HERE!
-Autumn means my birthday!
-Baseball team dinner tonight. (Bad, cause I won't see them til December, but good, cause we had a great time.)
-I remembered how to get my short hair to go wavy without turning into a fro.
-I ran about 4-4.5k yesterday (and walked 3.5k more!) when I haven't run in about 2+ months.
-Kings of Leon concert Saturday night.
-When Steph moves out THIS WEDNESDAY, I get my room and my TV back.
-I just signed up to sell mark / Avon and I'm getting loads of makeup (mostly mark) for amazing discounts!

(image google)

Yup...life is good.
♥ Callah