Life Update

Ok readers, here is my life update and an explanation why posting may not be frequent for the upcoming weeks! Apologies in advance for being boring.

~I have 5 jobs, and temping at a 6th. Yes, really. The breakdown? Working for two dentists (4 days a week), (occasional) babysitting-slash-chauferring, Avon, energy exchange at a Yoga Studio, and reception-slash-whatever help at my Dad's work.
~Finishing up my 2 courses- 5 weeks to go!
~Research/ writing my Charlemagne presentation for my interview, in addition to planning the trip to London. (flight is booked!)
~being addicted to How I Met Your Mother on tvshack.net.

So, I might be off the grid until the week before Christmas! I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

How do you do your masters and work multiple jobs (Kaitlyn, looking at you)?

To make things more interesting, here is a pic of my sis and I in Cuba- I'm sporting my AA dress, blogged about here, one of the 3 ways I wore it that week.

♥ Callah