Nuit Blanche

an iPhone photo journey, co-inciding with entry 200!

And the night begins.

I've already shed multiple layers at this point, hence the disheveled look.

Why yes, I am a bit obsessed. SBux for life.

Monopoly with real money. And yes thats the guy from video on trial.

Still got about another hour before we pack in it. Kudos to Annie for driving all the way back to KW after!

The huge CN Tower project. Pulsating lights, up the ENTIRE tower, set to the beat of music.Nice to chill out with a latte and watch.

This was an excellent night. I only wish I had had more nap beforehand!
♥ Callah


patience said...

you need more art pictures!!!!!!!!!! booooooooooooo

p.s. your bangs look freaking amazing.

♥ Callah said...

Annie is on it! A lot of it was performance pieces etc. And Annie totally snuck those shots of the Vanity Fair thing, no photos were allowed!

Veronicahhh said...

you had me at hot dogs.

this does look fun though lol