Whitney Eve, part 2

So, awhile ago I blogged about Whitney Port's spring collection.

Catching up on this weeks episode about Whitney "breaking into the fashion world", a) I was confused, because she has already done two collections this year? b) I was curious as to what her current stuff looks like!

Here's a sample. You can view the Fall/Holiday 2009 collection here. Click for larger.

While some of it is still definitely not my style, I think overall it's definitely improved! I like her fall fabric choices a LOT better than her spring choices. (Quote of the show: It kind of feels like I'm touching a couch".) I love the wrap bow skirt and blazer with belt. There are also some cute dresses as well (not shown in this pic). However, not loving some of the 90s inspired pieces.. that is one era that should not make a comeback. Especially since the next decade isn't even over but hey thats just me!

Interested to see what the Spring 2010 collection brings...!
♥ Callah